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Vendor Procurement Guide

Section 4: Vendor Registration and Responsibilities

This section addresses the requirements established for vendors who wish to conduct business with the State of West Virginia.

Vendors receiving purchase orders of $1,000 or more from the State of West Virginia must be properly registered by completing a Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement and Small, Women-, and Minority-owned Business Certification Application (WV-1 or WV-1A form) which will be kept on file with the Purchasing Division, in accordance with West Virginia Code §5A-3-12. The Code of State Rules CSR148-1-6 states that, except for purchasing card vendors providing travel-related services or receiving an aggregate total yearly payment of $25,000 or less from a spending unit, all vendors are required to register with the Purchasing Division. As part of the registration process, vendors will complete one of the two forms listed below, as determined by the type and dollar amount of your transactions with the State of West Virginia:

WV-1: This form is to be completed by vendors receiving purchase orders exceeding an aggregate amount of $1,000 per fiscal year. The WV-1 form requires payment of the $125 annual fee. The vendor’s check and the WV-1 form should be mailed directly to the Purchasing Division. Credit card payments may be made when submitting this form by contacting the Vendor Registration Coordinator at (304) 558-2311. Upon payment of this fee, the vendor will receive access to the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin, which contains upcoming bid opportunities expected to exceed $25,000 as well as downloadable bid documents.

WV-1A: This form is to be completed by vendors supplying sole source commodities and services to West Virginia state agencies or vendors whose aggregate sales to state agencies are in the amount of $1,000 or less during any one fiscal year. The vendor is to complete Part I of the form and return it to the requesting agency. The agency procurement officer will review the form for completeness and legibility, complete Part II, sign the form and forward it to the Purchasing Division for processing.

For delegated purchases ($25,000 or less), agencies will first check to see if the vendor is already registered with the Purchasing Division prior to initiating the registration process. If the vendor is not registered, the agency procurement officer will furnish the appropriate Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement and Small, Women-, and Minority-owned Business Certification Application to the vendor. The forms may be downloaded from the Purchasing Division website at:


Registration Fee:

Except for Purchasing Card vendors providing travel-related services or receiving an aggregate yearly payment of less than $25,000 from a spending unit, vendors receiving orders for commodities or services exceeding $1,000, regardless of payment method, shall pay an annual registration fee of $125 to the Purchasing Division, as outlined in the Code of State Rules CSR148-1-6.

A vendor having multiple locations shall pay only one fee when operating under one Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).

Only those vendors who have paid the fee have access to the online West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin, the weekly publication that lists all bid opportunities expected to exceed $25,000.

Vendors are required to register even if they are deemed to be sole source suppliers by the Purchasing Division. However, the registration fee requirement is waived.

Vendor Hold:

Vendors are notified in writing 60 and 30 days prior to the expiration of their registration. Vendors who do not renew are automatically placed on hold. Agencies cannot issue purchase orders exceeding $1,000 to a vendor who is on hold.

Small, Women-, and Minority-Owned Business Certification

As required by West Virginia Code §5A-3-59, the West Virginia Purchasing Division has incorporated the Small, Women-, and Minority-Owned Businesses (SWAM) Certification Application as part of the Vendor Registration & Disclosure Statement and Small, Women, and Minority-Owned Business Certification (WV-1 and WV-1A forms), beginning July 1, 2012. As a result, vendors may apply to become certified if they fall within the business categories defining a small, women-, and minority-owned business.

West Virginia Code of State Rules §148-2-1 et seq. requires vendors to re-certify every two years in order to continue compliance. The recognized designations for SWAM are outlined on the Purchasing Division’s Vendor Registration webpage at:


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