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Below are the presentation materials for the 2013 Agency Purchasing Conference.  You are encouraged to print the workshop presentations for which you have either scheduled or have an interest in viewing.  Please bring copies of all presentations you plan to attend with you to the conference.  All of the presentations are in PDF format.

2013 Agency Purchasing Conference PowerPoint Presentations:

Basic Purchasing This session will cover the fundamentals of the procurement process.  The eleven steps of the purchasing decision path will be discussed, as well as an overview of the basic rules and regulations relating to the different levels of purchasing authority.
Emergency and Sole Source Purchases This workshop will discuss the procedures required when an agency intends to process an emergency purchase or a sole-source purchase.  Emergency purchases occur when unexpected circumstances arise.  Sole-source purchases relate to those unique commodities where only one known source may provide such a commodity or service.
Evaluating a Request for Proposal This workshop will highlight the Request for Proposal (RFP) evaluation process, from scoring the technical proposal to the cost bid opening.  Individuals chosen to participate in an RFP evaluation committee are required to take this training within one year of sitting on that committee.
Evaluation and Award Process This workshop will discuss the process of examining all received bid responses to determine the bidder’s adherence to the mandatory specifications, compliance with procurement regulations, and determination of the lowest responsible and responsive bidder in order to facilitate award.
Expressions of Interest This class will discuss this best value procurement tool, which is primarily used in the selection of architects and engineers as specified in West Virginia Code §5G.  The Expression of Interest process permits the state to award a contract to the most qualified vendor on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualification for the type of professional services required at a fee determined to be fair and reasonable.
Inspection Services This workshop will discuss the purpose of reviewing and auditing spending unit requests, purchases, and other transactions and purchases within the Purchasing Division’s authority.  It will also detail inspection procedures, requirements for state agencies, and contract management procedures.
Legal Principles of Contracting Attendees in this class can expect to learn the core principles of contract drafting, along with some of the finer points of drafting that could elevate a document from being barely recognizable, to the go-to form for all of an agency’s contracting needs.  More specifically, attendees will learn the importance of key contract components, consistency in wording, clarification of meaning, avoidance of ambiguity, legal rules of contract interpretation, and the impact of drafting principles on the agency’s current and future procurement contracts.
Purchasing Card Program This workshop will provide information on the purchasing card program administered by the State Auditor’s Office.
Request for Quotation The use of request for quotation will be covered in this workshop.  Topics will include RFQ requirements, from advertisement to issuing a purchase order, as well as address acquisition planning, required document submissions, the bid evaluation process, and the contract award.  The responsibilities of the agency, the Purchasing Division, and the vendor, during the life of the contract, will also be presented.
Statewide Contracts This workshop will provide an overview of statewide contracts that are available to state agencies.  Participants will learn the proper use of these contracts, as well as vendor issues related to such contracts.
Surplus Property / Fixed Assets This workshop will focus on how to obtain property through the State and Federal Surplus Property Programs.  The discussion will include eligibility requirements of the two programs, use/compliance requirements, and property availability.  In addition, you will learn the basic requirements of maintaining an agency inventory in the Fixed Asset System.  Adding property, retiring property, data change requests, and annual certifications will be covered.
Travel Management This workshop will discuss the state travel program and the various travel-related statewide contracts, as well as travel payment processing requirements.  Specifically, participants will learn the Governor’s Travel Rules as well as proper use of the United Bank Card.
Vendor Registration This workshop will discuss the vendor registration process, including who is required to register as a vendor and when the registration fee is applicable.  In addition, we will cover the two vendor registration forms and their respective uses, as well as the responsibilities of the agency and the Purchasing Division in the vendor registration process.
Vendor Remedies: Protests, Circuit Court, and Court of Claims This workshop will provide an in-depth look at the legal challenges to Purchasing Division procurements and the internal processes utilized to handle them.  Attendees will be exposed to the formal protest process, circuit court suits, and court of claims actions and will discuss how the Purchasing Division and the agency can work together to reduce the occurrence of these formal legal challenges.
Writing Specifications This workshop will provide guidelines for writing effective specifications.  Some issues addressed will include when to use mandatory specifications, specifications for Request for Quotation versus Request for Proposal, and the "or equal" requirement when using brand names.


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