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TEAM Frequently-Asked Questions

What does TEAM stand for?

The name is an acronym meaning: Team Effort for Acquisition Management.

What is TEAM?

TEAM is an automated purchasing system, manufactured by GEAC Corporation, formerly Dun & Bradstreet Software. Currently, we are running the 96.01 E-Series software version.

How does TEAM fit into the big picture?

TEAM is the designated purchasing component of the West Virginia Financial Information Management System (WVFIMS). 

Why are there two vendor files?

In a perfect world, there would be only one vendor file, but in reality the two vendor files evolved in order to fulfill two distinct needs: The TEAM vendor file supports the vendor registration and competitive bid processes of the state Purchasing Division. The WVFIMS vendor file supports the invoice payment and 1099 reporting activities of state agencies, including those which are not regulated by the Purchasing Division.

What is the WVFIMS PO Module?

The PO module, also known as the encumbrance module, provides a means for agencies to have funds reserved or set aside in WVFIMS for payments against contracts and purchase orders. The pilot implementation began in December 1996 with the Department of Health & Human Resources.

TEAM does not support the maintenance and "roll up" of WVFIMS financial codes. The PO module makes it possible to remove the financial codes (account numbers) from TEAM and replace them with a P-number that never changes. The P-number can be used to refer back and forth between the two systems.


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