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Statewide Contract for Recycling of Electronic Equipment

This contract includes pick up and recycling services for used electronic equipment and/or its parts, such as computers, monitors, copiers, and televisions.

Contract Change Order Vendor
ERCYCL12A Change Order 1 C2 Management
ERCYCL12B Change Order 1 PC Renewal
ERCYCL12C Change Order 1 Round 2, Inc
ERCYCL12D Change Order 1 Creative Recycling Systems INC
ERCYCL12E Change Order 1 Powerhouse Recycling INC

Contract Archives - Listed below are inactive versions of this statewide contract that are no longer available for use by state agencies.  These remain online for reference and archival purposes only.

Contract Archives (Inactive)
ERCYCL07 Change Order 1 PC Renewal
  Change Order 2  
  Change Order 3
  Change Order 4  
  Change Order 5  
  Change Order 6  
  Change Order 7  
ERCYCL06 Change Order 1 Environmental Waste Specialist
  Change Order 2  


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