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Statutory Exemptions from the West Virginia Purchasing Division Approved by State Legislature

NOTE:  This is an unofficial list of exemptions claimed by state agencies and compiled by the West Virginia Purchasing Division.  Any exemptions not included in the list below should be brought to the attention of the Purchasing Division immediately.

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  1. Higher Education §5A-3-3(9)

    [In accordance with West Virginia Code §18B-5-5, the Purchasing Division's vendor registration requirements found in West Virginia Code §5A-3-12 still apply.]

  2. Division of Highways (Road Construction) W. Va. Code §5A-3-3(9)

  3. Legislature W. Va. Code §5A-3-1

  4. Supreme Court W. Va. Code §51-1-17(d)

  5. ABCC Stock W. Va. Code §5A-3-1

  6. Education Textbooks, Instructional Materials, Digital Content Resources, Instructional Technology, Hardware, Software, Telecommunications and Technical Services by the State Board of Education for Use in and in Support of the Public Schools W. Va. Code §5A-3-1

  7. West Virginia Children's Health Insurance W. Va. Code §5-16B-5

  8. PEIA Insurance W. Va. Code §5-16-9

  9. Treasurer Bond Counsel/Prof. W. Va. Code §12-5-7

  10. Governor Bond Counsel/Underwriter W. Va. Code §12-5-7

  11. Board of Risk and Insurance Management W. Va. Code §29-12-8

  12. West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority W. Va. Code §15A-3-14

  13. Parkways Authority W. Va. Code §17-16A-13(b)

  14. Auditor/Treasurer-Bank/Investment Services W. Va. Code §12-3A-3

  15. Special Exemption from Governor W. Va. Code §5A-1-8

  16. State Rail Authority / Rolling Stock or Equipment W. Va. Code §29-18-6(a)(11)(B)

  17. WV Investment Management Board W. Va. Code §12-6-4(g)

  18. West Virginia Board of Treasury Investments W. Va. Code §12-6C-7

  19. West Virginia Health Information Network W. Va. Code §16-29G-3

  20.  Banking Commissioner - Contracts for Supervisory Agency W. Va. Code §31A-8D-7(d)

  21. Banking Commissioner - Contracts for Examiners W. Va. Code §31A-8A-8(4)

  22. DHHR Agreements - Pharma Manufacturers W. Va. Code §9-5-15

  23. Insurance Commission - Professional Services W. Va. Code §23-1-1f(2)

  24. Insurance Commission - Examinations W. Va. Code §33-2-9(i)(1)

  25. Medical Insurance Underwriters W. Va. Code §33-20E-7

  26. Workers' Compensation Commission W. Va. Code §23-1-1g(a)

  27. Employer's Mutual Insurance Company W. Va. Code §23-2C-3(e)

  28. Water Development Authority W. Va. Code §22C-1-6(11)

  29. Municipal Pensions Oversight Board W. Va. Code §8-22-18A

  30. DHHR - Compulsive Gambling Treatment Fund W. Va. Code §29-22A-19

  31. West Virginia State Police W. Va. Code W. Va. Codes § 5A-3-1, § 5A-3-3

  32. West Virginia Office of Laboratory Services (DHHR) W. Va. Code §5A-3-1

  33. West Virginia Department of Environment Protection (DEP) / Construction and Reclamation W. Va. Code §5A-3-3

  34. Workers Compensation Program W. Va. Code §33-2-21a

  35. Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) - Services Contracts Between DHHR and WVU, Marshall, and the Osteophathic School of Medicine. W. Va. Code § 9-2-9a.

  36. Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) - Facilities Providing Direct Patient Care  W. Va. Code § 5A-3-3b

  37. Statewide Interoperable Radio Network – Emergency construction or repair contracts   W. Va. Code § 5A-3-3a

  38. Division of Natural Resources (DNR) – Agreements in the furtherance of providing a comprehensive program for the exploration, conservation, development, protection, enjoyment and use of the natural resources of the state and repair and related construction contracts, excluding construction of new facilities. W. Va. Code § 20-1-7(2).

  39. Contracts with the federal government for distributing food, food stamps, surplus commodities and agricultural products (Department of Agriculture) W.Va. Code § 5A-3-47

  40. Division of Corrections W. Va. Code §15A-3-14

  41. Division of Juvenile Services W. Va. Code §15A-3-14

  42. Division of Homeland Security – Exempting renewal of certain contracts entered into during declared state of emergency W. Va. Code §5A-3c

  43. State Conservation Committee or Agency – Contracts related to flood recovery W. Va. Code §5A-3

  44. West Virginia Tourism Office – Powers and duties of the West Virginia Tourism Office §5B-2I-4

  45. Department of Commerce (Advertising Services its employees provide to other state agencies) W.Va. Code § 5B-1-1a

  46. Division of Protective Services (equipment as necessary to maintain security at the Capitol Complex)(Effective May 22nd) W. Va. Code § 15-2D-3

Rev. 04/11/2019


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