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TEAM Requisition Number Prefix Guide for Requisition and Purchase Order Numbers

The Purchasing Division receives over 2,000 new requisitions a year, excluding change orders to existing contracts. The requisitions originate from 166 state agencies (as we define them) and the resulting purchase orders often stay active for two or three years. For us, a requisition numbering scheme is not just a good idea, it is a matter of survival! If two or more agencies send us a requisition and refer to it as Requisition Number 13, how do we tell them apart? Our solution is to assign them prefixes.

Obviously, there are other numbering schemes and some are better than others. Pre-assigned blocks of numbers are one option; computer generated numbers are another. However, the prefix method has advantages that appeal to the Purchasing Division including:

The prefixes we use are easy to recognize and remember. For example, the prefix for the Division of Natural Resources is DNR. The prefix for the Governor’s Office is GOV. Can you guess what agency’s requisition numbers begin with DMV?

The prefix method allows agencies to maintain control over their own base requisition numbers. This is good because most requisitions are processed at the agency level. Except in special circumstances, only those which exceed $25,000 are processed by the Purchasing Division.

The administrative effort to maintain the prefix method is minimal. The other methods require a great deal of effort to maintain, usually on an annual basis.

All agencies have an assigned prefix to use with their requisition numbers, the sole exception being the Division of Highways. The complete list is printed below.  If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing Division's Technical Services Unit at 304-558-7839 or by email at mark.l.totten@wv.gov.

ABC = Alcohol Beverage
ACB = Accountancy Bd
ACC = Administration - Accounting
ADJ = Adjutant General
AGI = Commission on Aging
AGO = Attorney General
AGR = Agriculture
ANC = Anthony Center
ARC = Bd Architects
AUD = Auditor
AVN = Aviation Office
BAN = Banking
BAR = State Bar
BBB = Barb & Beaut
BDE = Dental Exam
BEP = Employment Programs
BIC = Beef Industry
BLE = Blennerhasset Island
BOM = Bd of Medicine
BOP = Optometry Bd
BOT = Occup Therapy
BPE = Prof Engr Board
BSC = Bluefield State College
BUD = Administration - Budget
BVH = WV Veterans Home
BVM = Vet Med. Board
BWR = Beckley Work Release
CAC = Colin Anderson Center
CAP = Civil Air Patrol
CEB = Chiropractic Examiner
CFA = Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority
CHP = Childrens Health Insurance Program
CHS = Childrens' Home
CJH = Criminal Justice & Hwy Safety
CMS = Coal Mine Health
COC = Court of Claims
COG = WV Graduate College
COR = Corrections
CPF = Administration - CPF
CPR = Consol Pub Retire
CRI = Criminal Investigation Div
CSC = Concord State College
CSI = Spec Investigations
CTA = Corr Academy
CTV = Cable TV Board
CUS = College & University Sys
CWR = Charleston Work Release
DAC = Davis Center
DBS = Deaf & Blind Schools
DCH = Culture & History
DEF = Div of Engr Facilities
DEL = House of Delegates
DEN = Denmar Correctional Center
DEP = Div of Environmental Prot
DEV = WV Development Office
DHS = Human Services
DMV = Motor Vehicles
DNR = Natural Resources
DOT = Transportation
DPS = WV State Police
DRS = Div Rehab Services
E&A = Ctr Professional Development
EBA = Educ'l Broadcasting Auth
EDB = Bd of Education
EDD = Dept of Education
EFB = Embs & Funeral 
EGB = Employee Grievance Bd
ELE = Election Comm 
ELS = Land Surveyor
ENA = Pub Energy
ERP = ERP Project Management Office
FAR = Administration - FARS
FIC = Fire Commission
FOR = Forestry
FSC = Fairmont State College
GEO = Geological Survey
GOV = Governor's Office
GSC = Glenville State College
GSD = Administration - General Svc 
HAD = Hearing Aid Bd
HCC = Health Care Cost
HEA = Health
HFA = Hospital Finance
HOP = Hopemont Hospital
HRC = Human Rights
HSE = Homeland Security and Emergency Management
HSH = Huntington State Hosp (Now Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital)
HST = Health Safety Training
HUT = Huttonsville Corr Ctr
HWB = Huntington Work Release
IHC = Industrial Home-Cor
IHE = Industrial Home-Ed
INS = Insurance Commission
ISC = Administration - IS&C		
LAB = Labor
LAO = Legislative Auditor
LCB = Appraiser Board
LEB = Law Exam Board
LEG = Legislative Services
LIB = Library Comm
LOT = Lottery
LPN = LPN Board
LRM = Legislative Rule Making Com
LSC = Land Arch Board
LSH = Lakin Hospital
MAR = Marshall University
MBC = Municipal Bond
MHC = John Manchin, Sr. Health Care Center
MMB = Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital
MRT = Martinsburg Correctional Center
NCC = Northern Com Col
NCF = Northern Cor Fac
NCS = Natl and Community Svc
OES = Emergency Services
OGC = Oil & Gas
OHA = Hearing & Appeals
OOT = Office of Technology
OTA = Office of Tax Appeals
PAI = WV Pros Attorneys Inst
PCC = WVU Parkersburg
PDS = Public Defenders Ofc
PEI = Public Emp Insurance Agency
PEL = Administration - Personnel		
PER = Public Emp Retirement Bd
PHB = Pharmacy Board
PHY = Physical Therapy Bd
POT = Potomac State College
PPA = Public Port Authority
PRI = Prison Industries
PRO = Probation & Parole
PSC = Public Service Com
PSH = Pinecrest Hospital
PSY = Psy Exam Bd
PTR = Public Transit
PTY = Pruntytown
PUB = Public Radio
PUR = Administration - Purchasing 
RAC = Racing Commission
RAD = Radio Tech Bd
RDC = West Central Juvenile Det
REC = Real Estate
RFB = Forester Regis
RIM = Risk & Insurance
RJC = Regional Jail & Cor Auth
RMA = State Rail Authority
RNB = Registered Nurses Bd
SAC = State Aeronautics Commission
SAM = Statewide Addressing & Mapping Bd
SBA = School Bldg Auth
SBI = Bd of Investments
SEN = WV Senate
SOM = Osteopathic Medicine
SOS = Secretary of State
SSC = Shepherd College
STO = Treasurer
SUP = Supreme Court
SUR = Administration - Surplus 
SWA = Solid Waste
SWE = Social Work Examiners, Board of
TAX = Tax & Revenue
TMO = Administration - Travel Mgt
TOR = Tourism
TPK = Parkway Auth
VED = Coun on Voc Ed
VET = Veterans Affairs
WDA = Water Development
WEH = Welch Emergency
WLC = West Liberty College
WOC = Women's Commission
WRB = Water Resources Bd
WSC = WV State College
WSH = Sharpe Hospital
WVI = WVU Tech
WVU = West Virginia University


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