Bid Opening Index

Bids Received on 09/13/2016

Department of Administration
Purchasing Division
PO Box 50130
2019 Washington Street, East
Charleston, WV  25305-0130
(304) 558-2306

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CRFQ: 0212_SWC1700000002

CRFQ: 0704_INS1700000001

No responses were received for this solicitation

CRFQ: 0932_DRS1700000003

CRFQ: 0803_DOT1700000003

CRFP: 0612_DPS1700000001

CRFQ: 0803_DOT1700000005

CRFQ: 0803_DOT1700000001

CRFQ: 0621_DJS1700000004

CRFQ: 0506_HHR1700000001

CRFQ: 0506_HOP1700000001

CRFQ: 0506_WEH1700000001

CRFQ: 0511_HHR1700000003