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Welcome to the September 2004 Issue of the The Buyers Network!

Articles in this Issue:

Betty Francisco Assigned to Oversee All Statewide Contracts

Director's Comments:
NIGP Seminar Attracts Interest from Purchasers

The Travel Bag: News and Tips from the State Travel Management Office

NIGP Seminar: Purchasing Management and the Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Surplus Property's David White Retires

MONEYWISE...Tips for the Thrifty

Statewide Contract Spotlight...
Contemporary Galleries Service State Agencies' Furniture Needs

Orientation Required of Drivers
State Agencies' New Vehicles Arrive at Surplus Property

Introducing our Newest Employees

Carol Jarrett Honored as Department's Employee of the Month


Current Statewide Contract Update

Questions?...Just Ask Us!

      Betty Francisco Assigned to Oversee All Statewide Contracts

Betty FranciscoIn July, when the Acquisition and Contract Administration Section (ACA) changed the buyers responsibilities from the assignment of commodities to the assignment of agencies, there was one exception. Betty Francisco was that exception.

Instead of receiving a list of state agencies to serve, she was assigned nearly 70 statewide contracts for which she will be reviewing the specifications as well as the usage and processing of these contracts.

"Statewide contracts are very important in that they save agencies and political subdivisions time and money," said Karen Byrd, Assistant Director of the ACA Section. "Previously, the statewide contracts were split among the buyers; however, the buyers’ time was limited due to handling other agency transactions. We wanted to place more focus on the statewide contracts and felt it would be beneficial to assign this task to a single buyer."

Francisco will have the sole responsibility for administering these contracts. Through the contract management process, the Purchas-ing Division requests agency input by issuing user satisfaction surveys for each statewide contract. The information received is used to improve existing contracts.

Byrd encourages agencies to take time to complete and return the surveys to the Purchasing Division. "We are interested in your feedback. We also will be requesting suggestions for new statewide contracts. We feel there are needs that are not currently being met. It is our sincere hope to establish contracts that are beneficial and cost-effective."

Francisco is ready for the challenge, but explains that the initial steps will be the most time-consuming. "I am currently working on a thumbnail assessment of each contract, which includes information such as contract name, vendor, commodities, effective date, expiration date, number of renewals remaining, contact name, address, phone and fax," she said. "I encourage agency personnel to offer suggestions regarding the statewide contracts."

All correspondence or inquiries may be forwarded to Francisco at

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The Director's Comments:
             NIGP Seminar Attracts Interest from State Purchasers

By Dave Tincher
State Purchasing Director

Purchasing Director Dave TincherThe Purchasing Division is pleased to have the opportunity to sponsor a National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) seminar titled, Purchasing Management and the Relentless Pursuit of Excellence, to our agency purchasers. The seminar will be conducted on October 26 and 27 at Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Center in Chester, West Virginia.

At the time of printing this edition of The Buyers Network, we had approximately 30 students who have registered. Below is detailed information about this seminar and our registration process. If you are interested in attending,   please contact Diane Holley via e-mail at or by telephone at (304) 558-0661. A waiting list will be maintained should any cancellations be necessary.

The enthusiasm expressed by our agency purchasers regarding educational opportunities has been impressive. Depending upon the success and interest of this seminar, the Purchasing Division may consider similar seminars in the future. Thank you for your continued professionalism in the field of public procurement.

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National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
in cooperation with the
West Virginia Purchasing Division


NewNIGPLogo.JPG (40719 bytes)Purchasing Management and the Relentless Pursuit of Excellence, seminar offered by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing and sponsored by the Purchasing Division, will be offered on October 26 and 27 at Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Center in Chester, WV.

Great managers believe in excellence and must create an environment that cultivates the same. Exceptional managers recognize that they must focus on the basics and establish a flexible strategic direction with a team-based organizational concept as they work to advance their team and their department.

This one-day seminar is designed to provide a foundation for professional success. This common-sense approach combining self-examination surveys, class exercises and group discussion is applicable for all professionals from entry level buyers to management and executive staff. Fred Marks, CPPO, VCO, will be the instructor for this seminar.

Space is limited, so act quickly if interested. The cost per participant is $150, which includes all NIGP class material.

This seminar will provide the participant with eight credit hours toward certification or recertification through NIGP. Visit its website at development/Cert.htm for details on NIGP's certification program.

Lodging arrangements must be made by the participant by contacting Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Center at 1-800-80-40-HOT. A special nightly rate of $74 has been negotiated; please indicate when making your lodging arrangements that you are with the "Purchasing Division Seminar". For more details, contact Diane Holley (304-558-0661;

The Travel Bag:
                   News and Tips from the State Travel Management Office

Suitcase Lock Passes Security

Better be safe than sorry?...perhaps tightening your own security may cause you problems. Airport baggage screeners usually cut off locks if they want to search a bag.

If the lock is one of the new combination or lock models with a red and white diamond-shaped Travel Sentyr logo, screeners can open it without destroying the lock. Lockmasters and Traveler Sentry supply screeners with the necessary tool and codes. Locks sell for $4 to $10 from Brookstone, Prestolock and other retailers.

Questions regarding state travel issues should be directed to State Travel Manager Catherine DeMarco at

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Surplus Property's David White Retired on July 31

David WhiteSince joining the staff of the West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property in 1988, Dave White has performed many different jobs for the agency. However, effective July 31, 2004, he made the decision to retire in order to spend more time with his family and to enjoy his hobbies.

During his years of service at Surplus Property, his responsibilities ranged from handling the public sales of state property to taking care of the state vehicles to overseeing the state warehouse. He also became somewhat proficient in computer work.

Aside from an upcoming back surgery, he said he wants to spend much of his time being creative in his workshop at home, making and refinishing furniture. "It’s always been a hobby of mine," said White. "I make cabinets, shelves, racks of all sorts and some toys." He isn't interested in selling his finished products, but wants to give them to his family members, especially his new great grandchild.

His retirement is bitter-sweet. Although he has much to look forward to during his retirement years, he said he will miss the people at Surplus Property. "You couldn’t have a better crew to work with and it never got boring on the job. Changes took place all the time regardless of what day of the week it was. What I loved the most were the auctions and getting to know the people," he said.

He has many memories of his work days, such as the Governor's Fleet Reduction Auction, when over 800 registered bidders were vying for about 200 cars up for bid. Rain was in the forecast, so appropriate preparations were made for the auctioneer to be under an awning. About two-thirds of the way through, a bad storm hit, causing a short break to be necessary. A little later, after getting back into the auction, it started to rain again. The auctioneer turned to White to discuss a car with him and when he turned back to the crowd, only a handful of people were left standing. The auctioneer asked if he should continue, and White replied, "Yes, at least these people are serious." Shortly after the rain stopped, the doors of the vehicles for sale began to open and nearly 500 people got out. "The windows were so fogged up you couldn’t see inside them. It was quite a site," he said.

"We’re definitely going to miss Dave," said Ken Frye, Surplus Manager. "He’s very honest and the customers came to rely on him. Whatever he knew about a car, he would share it with them. He was a huge asset to our organization."

White developed relationships with representatives of towns and non-profit organizations all over the state. If Surplus didn’t have what they wanted or needed, he’d make a note and call them if it came in. "Overall, Dave has been a great employee...very dependable, loyal and level-headed," said Frye. "We wish him the best."

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Statewide Contract Spotlight...
Contemporary Galleries Service State Agencies' Furniture Needs

In each issue of The Buyers Network, the Purchasing Division will highlight one of our statewide contractors. Providing information on the company and the products offered on the statewide contract, this feature will help familiarize our agency purchasers with our business partners.

PaulSanter of Contemporary Galleries is quite familiar in working with state agencies. His company has done a substantial amount of work off of the SYSFURN statewide contract.Contemporary Galleries has been actively doing business with the state of West Virginia for nearly 12 years.

Forming in 1976 as a residential shop in Kanawha City, its goal was to venture into commercial furniture in the future. However, within one year, Contemporary Galleries became a distributor of Herman Miller office furniture, a national manufacturer. Due to the need for more space, they moved to their current location on Smith Street. The building’s interior has a warehouse look of concrete columns and exposed utilities which lends itself greatly for the type of work they offer commercially and residentially.

Sales Director Paul Santer recalls a discussion with one of the company's owners, Leo Russell, about pursuing state business. From that point, one step at a time, they began knocking on doors and introducing themselves. "We were strangers to each other. It took time to build a relationship of trust," said Santer.

Initially, the Purchasing Division established a systems furniture contract (SYSFURN). As the contract has developed, other products have been added to this contract. "People generally think of systems furniture as cubicles, but, it’s more than that. Much of what we do is panels and dividing up space efficiently; however, we can furnish private offices, filing areas, waiting areas, and various seating needs which is now part of the contract due to the broadness of the Herman Miller (manufacturer) line," he said.

Selection is the key when it comes to choosing modular furniture. Contemporary Galleries offers a wide range of color schemes.Contemporary Galleries has participated in the SYSFURN contract for more than eight years, according to Santer. "This contract opened many doors for us with the state as well as with colleges and universities," he said. While it wasn't directly associated with the SYSFURN contract, Contemporary Galleries' name recognition helped in their involvement in West Virginia University's new end zone project at Mountaineer Field.

Contemporary Galleries made the same steps and mistakes as some new businesses with the state, Santer explains. They first met some of the key personnel in the Purchasing Division and started to bid on some projects, which gave them an idea of the purchasing process.

One of their first mistakes was not submitting a duplicate copy of the bid to the State Auditor’s Office prior to the bid opening, causing their bid to be rejected. "You learn the rules that way. It’s all in black and white. Once you meet the people, you see they are willing to help and teach you. They want more vendors to do business with the state because it’s good for everyone. They’ve taught us and we’ve learned very well," he said.

Santer is quick to point out the positive benefits of attending the agency and vendor purchasing conferences, which they have attended faithfully each year. "Initially, we went to learn how to do business with the state, but we’ve been at this so long, we now know the rules. We use theContemporary Galleries office is located at 1210 Smith Street in downtown Charleston. conferences more as a method of networking," he said.

He attributes much of their success from placing an emphasis on service. "We’ve got 22 full-time installers on our staff. We never rely on outside help because we think you lose control. Our reputation is too important to us to risk," Santer said.

Contemporary Galleries has been successful in negotiating superior discounts through their manufacturer, Herman Miller, he said. "Our bottom line figure includes our design work, the product and installation. It’s quite a deal for the state."

One of the first projects they did for the state was in the Purchasing Division, serving as a pilot program to see if they could comfortably seat all of their staff on one floor of the new location. Jo Ann Dunlap, Assistant Director of the Administration and Inspection Section, has worked closely with Contemporary Galleries over the years. "My experience with this company is they always do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, and they always do a splendid job," she said. "You don’t have to worry because you know the job will be done right. They are very conscientious about keeping their word."

For products listed on the statewide contract, contact:

Jennifer Kirkpatrick
Contemporary Galleries
1210 Smith Street
Charleston, WV 25301

Fax: 344-1262

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Orientation Required of Drivers
                     State Agencies' New Vehicles Arrive at Surplus Property

Fleet Manager Janice Boggs (right) and Fleet Assistant Barry Gunnoe (second right) offer an orientation for all drivers of state-owned vehicles.Drivers of state-owned vehicles arrived at the West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property to trade in their old vehicles for the new replacements they ordered before the manufacturing year began. Before the new vehicles can be released, certain criteria has to be met.

All trade-ins must be cleaned, free of any accident damage, with no visible cracks or chips in the windshield and the floor mats included along with a spare tire and all four hubcaps.

"If all requirements are met, the new car is released, said Janice Boggs, State Fleet Manager. "We expect the agency drivers to treat these car as if it were their own. If there are any minor problems, we will have it fixed and have the proper agency billed."

In order for a vehicle to be eligible to be traded in for a new vehicle, it must be at least five years old and have 120,000 miles.

All drivers are expected to attend an orientation prior to receiving their new vehicle. This 30-minute presentation advises the drivers of how to use the PHH services and its credit card, their responsibilities, and the Fleet Management Office's responsibilities.

Also covered in the presentation is a review of the terms of the lease agreement. The drivers are responsible for any parking or driving violations; smoking, alcohol or illegal drugs are prohibited; and no personal business is to be conducted in the state vehicle. In addition, the lease terms state the use of cellular telephones should be prohibited while driving.

Should state employees who drive a state-owned vehicle have any questions concerning their new vehicle, they should contact their agency fleet coordinator. If the respective coordinator needs additional information, these inquiries are to be directed to Fleet Manager Janice Boggs at (304) 558-0086 or via e-mail at or Fleet Assistant Barry Gunnoe at (304) 558-2614 or via e-mail at

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The Travel Bag:
                   News and Tips from the State Travel Management Office

Suitcase Lock Passes Security

Better be safe than sorry?...perhaps tightening your own security may cause you problems. Airport baggage screeners usually cut off locks if they want to search a bag.

If the lock is one of the new combination or lock models with a red and white diamond-shaped Travel Sentyr logo, screeners can open it without destroying the lock. Lockmasters and Traveler Sentry supply screeners with the necessary tool and codes. Locks sell for $4 to $10 from Brookstone, Prestolock and other retailers.

Questions regarding state travel issues should be directed to State Travel Manager Catherine DeMarco at

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Introducing our Newest Employees

Erika VanceErika Vance serves as the receptionist for the Administration and Inspection Section. She answers the telephone, logs incoming requisitions and change orders and greets visitors to the Purchasing Division’s office. Previously employed with the YWCA Resolve Family Abuse Program as a domestic violenceRita Withrow advocate, she is a mother of two daughters.

Rita Withrow works in the Acquisition and Contract Administration Section as a purchasing assistant. She assists Betty Francisco with the statewide contracts and the Cooperative Purchasing Program. She performs a variety of duties, including creating mailings and spreadsheets. Formerly working as an assistant director for Multi-CAP, she is a mother of one son.

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Carol Jarrett Honored as Dept.'s Employee of the Month

Carol JarrettCarol Jarrett, an Administrative Services Assistant I for the Acquisition and Contract Administration Section of the Purchasing Division, has been selected as the Department of Administration's September Employee of the Month. The Purchasing Division is organizationally structured under the department.

A 17-year employee of state government, Carol has provided support to the section director and has administered the Cooperative Purchasing Program, which provides statewide contracts to political subdivisions. She also has maintained the procurement officers listing and ordered supplies. Recently, she has been assisting with technical purchases issued by IS&C.

Each month, a group of department employees reviews nominations of employees made from other employees within the department or customers. At the end of the year, the department employees vote on the Employee of the Year, based on the recipients of that year's Employees of the Month. The Purchasing Division thus far has had three employees win this honor this year.

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  • Following the passing and initial implementation of procedural rules for the State Use Committee and the central nonprofit agency (WVARF), an acceptable budget was approved. The committee also approved a reduction in the percentage add-on to the state use contracts for WVARF from 4.1% to 3.7%.

  • The vendor, Boise Cascade, is now known as Office Max, a Boise company. Agencies using this contract should continue to use Internet (preferred method), telephone or fax to place their orders. Agency personnel should not visit Office Max retail stores for routine office supply purchases because of strict reporting criteria for the vendor. Purchases made through retail outlets will not be captured in the reports. With more accurate reports, even better prices are anticipated upon the next bidding process. Note that purchases of office supplies for less than $100 may be made from any source. The local Office Max store may be used but it must be the exception and not the normal method of procuring office supplies.

  • Congratulations to two agency purchasers who were recently named Certified Professional Public Buyers through the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP): Ratha Boggess (State Treasurer’s Office) and Roger Burdette (Workers Compensation).

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Information and dates (as of August 15, 2004) included in this Current Statewide Contract Update are subject to change. If you need additional information, please contact the appropriate state buyer.

Contracts Awarded

Contract: DWASH
Description: Dishwashing Materials
Vendor: Ecolabs
Effective Date: 08/15/04

Contract: FOOD
Description: Canned Foods and Staple Groceries
Vendor: JA Wendling
Effective Date: 09/15/04

Contracts to be Bid or Under Evaluation

Contract: DIGCOP
Description: Digital Copiers
Bid Opening: 04/28/04
Under Evaluation: Yes

Contract: ROUTER
Description: CISCO Systems Routers/Maintenance
Bid Opening: 08/31/04
Under Evaluation: Yes

Contract: TRAVEL
Description: Travel Management Services
File: 31
Bid Opening: 05/04/04
Under Evaluation: Yes

Contracts to be Renewed

Contract: DC BATT
Description: Dry Cell Batteries
Vendor: West Virginia Electric
Expiration Date: 08/31/0

Contract: INKCRT
Description: Ribbons and Laser Toners
Vendor: Impression Products
Expiration Date: 07/31/0

Contract: MA035W05
Description: Novell Master License Agreement
Vendor: Verizon
Expiration Date: 06/30/0

Contracts Extended

Contract: ROUTER
Description: CISCO Systems Routers/Maintenance
Comments: Extended with Verizon until 10/31/0

Contract: FINEPAP
Description: Computer Paper
Comments: Extended with Unisource and Zpedx until 12/31/04

*Please note that in lsat month's issue of The Buyers Network, the IPTEMP contract was noted incorrectly as being extended. This contract has expired; however, a new contract will be bid in the near future.

Contracts to be Reviewed


Plastic Can Liner

Lighting; Bulb

Discounted Motel Rates


Single Audit Services

Corrugated Pipe


Lawn Maintenance Equipment

Crystal Software

Purchasing Division Staff
For questions concerning these contracts listed, please contact the appropriate buyer:

File 21
Charlyn Miller

File 22
Pam Jones

File 23
Chuck Bowman

File 31
Evan Williams

File 31
Mike Sheets

File 33
John Johnston

File 41
Ron Price

File 42 
Betty Francisco

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