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Diane Holley, Editor

The Buyers Network is Published Monthly by the Purchasing Division of the West
Virginia Department of Administration to Promote Better Value in Public Purchasing

Welcome to the November 2004 Issue of the The Buyers Network!

Articles in this Issue:

2004 Agency Procurement Officer of the Year
State Police's Carole Woodyard is Honored for Dedication and Service

2004 Partner in Purchasing
DEP's Tammy Canterbury Demonstrates Excellence as Fixed Assets Coordinator

Director's Comments:
Agencies Requested to Complete Buyer Assignment Survey

Clarification: Statewide Contract

The Purchasing Division Modified Several of its Forms in Accordance with the HIPAA Business Associates Addenda

Buyer Reassignment Survey

Statewide Contract Spotlight...
WESCO Keeps the Lights Shining Bright on our Agency Operations


Travel Management Office Announces Changes to State Business Travel

Current Statewide Contract Update

Questions?...Just Ask Us!

2004 Agency Procurement Officer of the Year
      State Police's Carole Woodyard Honored for Dedication and Service

State Police's Carole Woodyard was selected as the 2004 Agency Procurement Officer of the Year.Carole Woodyard, procurement officer for the West Virginia State Police, was pleasantly surprised on September 29, 2004, (see picture to the right) when her name was announced as the 2004 Agency Procurement Officer of the Year.

This year marks the ninth year the Purchasing Division has offered this award which recognizes one individual who has demonstrated professionalism and quality performance in the state’s governmental purchasing field. This program focuses on the value of the expertise and cooperation of those individuals at the agency level who handle their daily purchasing operations.

The criteria used to select the Agency Procurement Officer of the Year includes tenure, performance, communication skills, internal training efforts, cooperation with agency and the Purchasing Division staff, creating a positive image, good purchasing practices and participation in professional organizations.

With 29 years of public sector experience, Woodyard has worked as a procurement officer since 1985. Her peers state that she exemplifies hard work, loyalty and the pursuit of excellence.

State Police's Carole Woodyard (c) is joined with many of her friends and co-workers at the ceremony conducted at the Purchasing Division.While supervising the agency’s purchasing staff, she offers training and guidance on a daily basis. As a result of her guidance and insight, the State Police’s procurement section has experienced a significantly smooth and efficient work flow.

As this year’s recipient of this program, Woodyard received an engraved clock, and a certificate signed by Governor Bob Wise, Cabinet Secretary of Administration John Poffenbarger and Purchasing Director Dave Tincher. In addition, she will receive free registration and lodging to the 2005 Agency and Vendor Purchasing Conference and Product Expo.

Woodyard joins several prestigious agency purchasers who have been awarded this honor in the past:

1996: Edi Barker, BEP

1997: Susie Teel, DEP

1998: Lt. Col. Jim Powers, State Police

1999: Jo Miller, DHHR

2000: Lendin Conway, DEP

2001: Beverly Carte, BEP

2002: Ratha Boggess, Treasurer’s Office

2003: Syble Atkins, Tax

Congratulations to Carole for this well-deserved honor!

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2004 Partner in Purchasing
                           DEP's Tammy Canterbury Demonstrates
                           Excellence as Fixed Assets Coordinator

Our 2004 Partner in Purchasing, DEP's Tammy Canterbury, is pictured with Purchasing Director Dave Tincher.When Tammy Canterbury of the Department of Environmental Protection was overseeing her agency’s fixed assets, she was just ‘doing her job.’ In the Purchasing Division, we make sure that a good job doesn’t go unnoticed.

On September 29, 2004, she was honored as our 2004 Partner in Purchasing. Since 2000, the Purchasing Division has recognized an individual at the agency level each year who excels in one of the statewide programs administered by our division, including Fleet Management, Capitol Parking, Travel Management, Fixed Assets,

Surplus Property and our automated purchasing system.

Canterbury was selected based on a similar criteria as the Agency Procurement Officer of the Year award, which includes tenure, performance, communication skills, internal training efforts, cooperation, and creating a positive image. She demonstrates a true partnership with the Purchasing Division in relation to the Fixed Assets Program.

Our 2004 Partner in Purchasing, DEP's Tammy Canterbury (c), is pictured with her supervisor, June Casto, and Assistant Director Ken Frye of the Program Services Section.For the past 10 years, Canterbury has worked for DEP, overseeing the daily operations in the areas of inventory, safety, leases, insurance and mail. Her efforts enabled her agency to be brought into compliance with the division by combining  inventory records from three systems into one.

She conducts in-house training on the WVFIMS Fixed As-sets Program as well as the proper equipment retirement process in the agency.

Described by her peers as ‘one of the most dedicated and hardest working individuals in the agency," Canterbury was named 2004 Employee of the Year for DEP.

Canterbury joins other honored recipients of the Partner in Purchasing award:

2000: Brent Kessinger, DEP

2001: Barbara Haddad, IS&C

2002: June Casto, DEP and Susie Teel, DHHR

2003: Patricia Holtsclaw, ABCC

Congratulations to Tammy for her dedication, exemplary performance and her cooperative spirit in partnering with the Purchasing Division!

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The Director's Comments:
             Agencies Requested to Complete Buyer Assignment Survey

By Dave Tincher
State Purchasing Director

Purchasing Director Dave Tincher

Beginning July 1, 2004, the Purchasing Division changed the manner in which our buying staff serves our state government agencies.

Rather than continue the buyers assignments based on commodities, they began serving specific agencies, regardless of the commodity or service to be purchased. Depending upon the volume of transactions, each buyer was provided agencies for which they would process their purchases over $10,000.

Included in this issue of the Buyers Network (see page 3) is a survey which I would encourage you to complete. It will assist us in evaluating the effectiveness of this change.

The deadline for your responses is November 30, 2004.

The areas to be evaluated include the ease of doing business, responsiveness, communication, accessibility, professionalism and our understanding of your needs. Your responses focus on the change…if this change increased or decreased your satisfaction level or if your satisfaction level remains unchanged.

Please add any comments you may wish to share or suggestions that you would like to offer to enhance this process. Your input, as always, is greatly appreciated.

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Statewide Contracts

Statewide contracts contain firm prices for exact products, and offer information on delivery, minimum quantities, and ordering procedures.

Senior Buyer Betty Francisco, who oversees all statewide contracts, has learned that when a product is unavailable, vendor representatives may be trying to offer a substitution for this product or offer a product at a higher price. No such purchase should ever be performed as a release against a statewide contract.

Vendors are NOT permitted to make any substitutions for products listed on the contract. They are also required to sell the products at the price, not to exceed that listed in the contract.

If you experience a vendor offering substitutions on statewide contracts, please notify Senior Buyer Betty Francisco at 558-0468.

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The Purchasing Division Modified Several of its Forms in
Accordance with the HIPAA Business Associate Addendum

The Purchasing Division recently modified several of its forms to include the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Business Associate Addenda (BAA). (See insert below)

These forms now include a footnote stating:

HIPAA Business Associate Addendum - The West Virginia State Government HIPAA Business Associate Addendum (BAA), approved by the Attorney General, and available online at the Purchasing Division's website ( is hereby made part of the agreement. Provided that, the Agency meets the definition of a Covered Entity (45 CFR §160.103) and will be disclosing Protected Health Information (45 CFR §160.103) to the vendor.

This notation is available at the bottom of all affected forms, with the exception of the TEAM Request for Quotation and Purchase Order forms. For these forms, this notation has been added to the terms and conditions on the reverse side of these documents. All of these modified forms are now available on the Purchasing Division's website on the "forms page" at

Certain statewide contracts have been required to initiate a change order to facilitate incorporation of the BAA into the agreement, along with a cover letter explaining the purpose of the BAA.

The forms affected by HIPAA include:

Request for Quotation (TEAM)

Purchase Order (TEAM)

Request for Quotation
(Agency Delegated) [WV-43]

Agreement [WV-48]

Verbal Bid Quotation Summary [WV-49]

Agency Purchase Order [WV-88]

If you have any questions regarding the HIPAA Business Associate Addendum, please visit our specially dedicated page for this Addendum at

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Buyer Reassignment Survey

Effective July 1, 2004, the Purchasing Division made a change to the manner in which the buyers process purchases over $10,000, on behalf of state agencies. In the past, the division buyers were assigned particular commodities; however, the recent change resulted in our buying staff being assigned particular state agencies to serve. We would like to have your opinion regarding the benefits and effectiveness of this change.

Please complete the following survey and return by Tuesday, November 30, 2004 to: Diane Holley, Purchasing Division, 2019 Washington Street East, Charleston, WV 25305; FAX: 558-6026. Your input is greatly appreciated.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How do you rate your satisfaction level of the Purchasing Division in the following categories since the buyer reassignment, effective July 1, 2004? Check one box per category.

                                                                 Increased    Decreased     Remained the Same     Not Applicable

1. Ease of doing business
¨ Increased   ¨ Decreased    ¨ Remained the Same    ¨ Not Applicable

2. Pursuit of customer satisfaction
¨ Increased   ¨ Decreased    ¨ Remained the Same    ¨ Not Applicable

3. Communication
¨ Increased   ¨ Decreased    ¨ Remained the Same    ¨ Not Applicable

4. Responsiveness
¨ Increased   ¨ Decreased    ¨ Remained the Same    ¨ Not Applicable

5. Accessibility
¨ Increased   ¨ Decreased    ¨ Remained the Same    ¨ Not Applicable

6. Informative
¨ Increased   ¨ Decreased    ¨ Remained the Same    ¨ Not Applicable

7. Professionalism
¨ Increased   ¨ Decreased    ¨ Remained the Same    ¨ Not Applicable

8. Accuracy
¨ Increased   ¨ Decreased    ¨ Remained the Same    ¨ Not Applicable

9. Understanding of needs
¨ Increased   ¨ Decreased    ¨ Remained the Same    ¨ Not Applicable

10. Please rank the top three qualities of a buyer, by question number listed above, that you find most important to you as an agency procurement officer?

(Most important) ___________ (Second most important) ___________ (Third most important) ___________

11. Has this change directly affected your job as procurement officer?

¨ Yes           ¨ No

If yes, please explain__________________________________________________________________________

12. Since July 1, 2004, has your overall satisfaction with the Purchasing Division as a result of this reassignment:
¨ Increased   ¨ Decreased    ¨ Remained the Same    ¨ Not Applicable

13. Since July 1, 2004, how often have you interacted with your assigned buyer?

¨Never  ¨1-5   ¨6-15  ¨16-25   ¨More than 25

Do you have suggestions which would enhance these recent changes?


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Statewide Contract Spotlight...
       WESCO Keeps the Lights Shining Bright on our Agency Operations

In each issue of The Buyers Network, the Purchasing Division will highlight one of our statewide contractors. Providing information on the company and the products offered on the statewide contract, this feature will help familiarize our agency purchasers with our business partners.

Wesco, the state's contractor for lighting and bulbs, has five locations throughout West Virginia.WESCO Distribution, Inc., a leading distributor of electrical products, is the statewide contractor for lighting in West Virginia. Serving the West Virginia market for over 70 years through their branch offices, nationally, WESCO employs approximately 5,400 people. It maintains relationships with 24,000 suppliers and serves more than 100,000 customers worldwide.

Their major markets include commercial and industrial firms, contractors, governmental agencies, educational institutions, telecommunications businesses and utilities.

WESCO operates five fully automated distribution centers and more than 350 full-service branches in North America and selected international markets. It provides a local presence for area customers and a global network to serve multi-location businesses and multinational corporations.

Branch Manager Doug Phillips of WESCO explains that of the 356 branch operations, five are strategically located in West Virginia — Huntington, Parkersburg, Bridgeport, Wheeling and Beckley. These operations stock warehouses and do business with state agencies on a daily basis.

WESCO is a full-line electrical distributor. "We represent companies, such as Cutler-Hammer, Philips Lighting, Advance Ballasts, which are the typical electrical lines associated with government agencies as well as industry and commerce. We take orders by fax, phone and purchase orders from agencies throughout the state and make shipments of light bulbs and ballasts to operations throughout," said Phillips.

WESCO’s contract with the state of

West Virginia is primarily for Philips lamps, Advance ballasts and miscellaneous fixtures manufactured by Rab.

Senior Buyer Betty Francisco of the Purchasing Division said WESCO, under LIGHT03, is the only vendor for this commodity and should not be confused by solicitations from vendors for LAMP03 or any other contracts they may receive. State agencies MUST use this contract for all orders in excess of $25. Only items as listed in the contract as being excluded from this contract may be purchased from a different source OR from this vendor (but not as a release against this contract).

WESCO has developed a very positive relationship with West Virginia state government. "Everything has always been very smooth," Phillips said. "There have been no complaints brought to my attention. We certainly appreciate the volume of lamps and ballasts we ship to various state agencies and look forward to taking that forward in 2005."

For any questions or more information concerning WESCO, please contact:

Suzie Spencer
Huntington Branch
7 Stonecrest Drive
Huntington, WV 25701

Telephone: 529-7111
FAX: 529-6146

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n Congratulations to Buyer Supervisor Ron Price of the Purchasing Division on the abundant delivery of his grand-children. In August, his daughter, Beth, and her husband, Jonathan, welcomed their quadruplets: Kyle, Zoey, Haley and Colin. Sadly, Colin passed away a few days after birth. The children are currently under care at CAMC Women and Children's Hospital, but are expected to come home soon!

n NIGP is offering a "Webinar" on "Ethics: It Matters Not if you Win or Lose; It’s How you Play the Game" on November 4, 2004. Visit NIGP’s website at for more details.

n The Purchasing Division would like to extend its best wishes to Senior Buyer Pam Jones, who resigned from state government effective October 15. Pam worked for the Purchasing Division for nearly 20 years. Recently, she served as the dedicated buyer for the Department of Health and Human Resources. Until her replacement is named, Buyer Supervisor Ron Price will be handling all DHHR transactions.

n The Buyers Network is dedicated to improving communication between the Purchasing Division and all agencies. We hope to keep you informed of the latest developments within the state purchasing process. If you have any suggestions for future articles, please e-mail Diane Holley at We need your input to ensure that the information we offer each month is not only current and accurate, but valuable to you and your job. As always, your feedback is appreciated!

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Travel Management Office Announces Changes to State Business Travel

The Travel Management Office recently provided agency travel coordinators with a clarification of the new per diem for state employees as well as the new statewide contract for travel management services.

Per Diem Update

The U.S. General Services Administration has changed how they determine allowance for the first and last day of business travel. In the past, the amount claimed was dependent upon the time of departure or arrival.

The appropriate way for this determination now is that 75% of the appropriate meals and incidental expense (M&IE) rate is paid for the day of departure and the day of return. This rate is not affected by the time of day the employee leaves or returns. For example, if the M&IE rate is $30 per day, the employee would receive 75% of this amount ($22.50) on the day of departure and the day of return, with no concern of the time left or returned. The 2005 M&IE rates are available at the Travel Management’s website at

Travel Statewide Contract

National Travel has been awarded the statewide contract for travel management services (TRAVEL04). As in the past, a fee will be charged for all airline reservations based on the type of ticket and agent assistance required. The changes to this new contract are as follows:

Transaction A: Domestic, online reservations with TravelCenter, which includes online support using the Quick Agent chat feature, 24 hour emergency travel assistance, Quick Change service for re-issuance of tickets while traveling, and $200,000 flight insurance ($14.50).

Transaction B: Domestic, agent assisted reservations utilizing phone, fax or e-mail, including full-service support, 24-hour emergency travel assistance, Quick Change service for re-issuance of tickets while traveling, and $200,000 flight insurance ($27.00).

Transaction C: International reservations, agent assisted reservations, which includes passport assistance, visa service assistance, Country Briefing (such as business protocol, state department bulletin, CDC health bulletins, currency exchange service, 24-hour emergency service throughout the world, all major rail and ferry schedule), ticket and re-confirmation of reservations, and $200,00 flight insurance ($34.00).

In addition, the following applies to the new contract: 1) Delivery fee of $3.00 local courier or $7.50 overnight express for document delivery; 2) No charge for hotel or rental car only reservations; and, 3) Service charges for paper tickets are not reimburseable.

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Information and dates (as of October 15, 2004) included in this Current Statewide Contract Update are subject to change. If you need additional information, please contact the appropriate state buyer.

Contracts Awarded

Contract: N-TIRES
Description: Auto and Equipment Tires
Vendor: Goodyear Tire Corp.
Effective Date: 11/01/04

Contract: PC
Description: Police Cruisers
Vendor: Country Club Chrysler Plymouth Dodge; Hurricane Chevrolet, Inc.; Stephens Auto Center
Effective Date: 10/15/04

Contracts to be Bid or Under Evaluation

Contract: ALCOHOL
Description: Ethyl Alcohol
Bid Opening: 10/19/04
Under Evaluation: To Open

Contract: ROUTER
Description: CISCO Systems Routers/Maintenance
Bid Opening: 08/31/04
Under Evaluation: Yes

Contract: MV
Description: Motor Vehicles
Bid Opening: 09/28/04
Under Evaluation: Yes

Contract: DIAPER
Description: Diapers and Pads
Bid Opening: 11/02/04
Under Evaluation: To Open

Contract: R-SHEET
Description: Reflective Sheeting
Bid Opening: 11/04/04
Under Evaluation: To Open

Contracts to be Renewed

Contract: JITLECT
Description: Multimedia Courseware Development
Vendor: MPL Corporation
Expiration Date: 11/14/0

Contract: LS
Description: Glassware/Chemical
Vendor: VWR Scientific
Expiration Date: 08/14/0

Contract: LITTER
Description: Litter Grabbers
Vendor: Arcmate Mfg. Co.
Expiration Date: 09/30/0

Contract: SYSFURN
Description: Modular Systems Furniture
Vendor: Various Vendors
Expiration Date: 08/14/0

Contract: WATERT
Description: Water Treatment Chemicals
Vendor: Water Works and Industrial Supply
Expiration Date: 08/31/0

Contracts Extended

Contract: FINEPAP
Description: Computer Paper
Comments: Extended with Unisource and Zpedx until 12/31/04

Contracts to be Reviewed


Aluminum Coil and Flat Sheets

Coaxial Cable (A)

Debt Collection Services

Office Supplies

X-Ray Film and Supplies

ESRE Software


Classroom/Meeting Room Furniture

Carpet and Rugs

Safety Equipment

Sanitary Paper Supplies

Purchasing Division Staff
For questions concerning these contracts listed, please contact the appropriate buyer:

File 21
Charlyn Miller

File 22

File 23
Chuck Bowman

File 31
Evan Williams

File 31
Mike Sheets

File 33
John Johnston

File 41
Ron Price

File 42 
Betty Francisco

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