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Welcome to the June 2000 Issue of the The Buyers Network!

Articles in this Issue:

The ABC's of Doing Business with the State of West Virginia
State Vendors Learn Marketing Strategies from Government Officials at Purchasing Conference

Director's Comments: A "Give and Take" Work Relationship with Vendors

Keeping Up with Market Trends: What's New with Telecommunications?

Labor Offers Program for Aspiring Contractors

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT...Meet our West Virginia Businesses!

Purchasing Employees Among Those Honored During Public Service Recognition Week

SB 333 Affects Policy on Original Certifications


Year 2000 Warranty Standard Explained

Appointment Time Savers

Year End Processing Guidelines Outlined to All State Agencies

Nancy Price Shares her Work Experiences During "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day"

Purchasing Milestones: A Little Bit of News about Us!

Current Statewide Contract Update

Questions?...Just Ask Us!

The ABC's of Doing Business with the State of West Virginia

State Vendors Learn Marketing Strategies from Government Officials at Purchasing Conference

Purchasing Director Dave Tincher expressed his enthusiasm in increasing the number of West Virginia vendors who participate in the state's competitive bid process.West Virginia business leaders convened at Canaan Valley State Resort and Conference Center on May 15 at the 2nd Annual Vendor Purchasing Conference.Nearly 70 state vendors attended the 2nd Annual Vendor Purchasing Conference

"This conference enabled our state vendors to learn more about the competitive purchasing process and to meet some of the decision-makers in state government," said Purchasing Director Dave Tincher.

The conference consisted of small workshop sessions on basic purchasing guidelines, formal bidding requirements, payment issues, and panel discussions expressing agency and vendor perspectives on the state purchasing process. Group discussion and one-on-one consultation sessions were also included in the agenda.

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The Director's Comments
                           A "Give and Take" Work Relationship with Vendors

By Dave Tincher
State Purchasing Director

Purchasing Director Dave Tincher Each day when we communicate with representatives from the business world, the realization that cooperation is not just helpful, but necessary in state public procurement.

With the positive networking which recently occurred at Vendor Pur-chasing Conference, this 'give and take' attitude become more apparent.

Not only did vendors share the benefits of their products and services with state agencies, but they also communicated this information with other West Virginia vendors and formed valuable working relationships.

During the conference, I expressed my views on how I would like to see the number of West Virginia vendors participating in the competitive purchasing process skyrocket.

This conference is just one step toward making that happen! I must express my genuine appreciation to our staff and agency presenters for a job well done. Due to the teamwork of those participating from the Purchasing Division and 14 other state agencies, this conference was a worthwhile success.

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Labor Offers Program for Aspiring Contractors

Governor Cecil Underwood recently announced that the Division of Labor will begin a pilot program to provide training to young vocational school graduates and others to enable them to acquire their contractor's license.

"This new program will provide an opportunity to individuals who are interested in a career in the construction industry to acquire the license they need to go to work," Governor Underwood said.

This project will offer the training free of charge through the state vocational education network to persons preparing to take the contractor licensing examination. For more details, call 558-7890.

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Keeping Up with Market Trends...
What's New with Telecommunications?

Many new products have recently been introduced relating to telecommunications. The March/April 2000 issue of The Public Purchaser shares some of the innovations in this field.

For the international traveler, Motorola's i2000 is a dual-mode wireless handset designed to enable users to remain in contact with a single phone number and single billing between continents.

The i2000 handset allows users to roam on the iDEN networks throughout North America, South America and Asia Pacific. Motorola's i700plus is a rugged phone that acts as two-way radio and text pager.

VoiceSaver, from Parwan Electronics Corp., is a voicemail system that provides callers with a wide variety of information and faxes. At the press of a button, callers can receive such information as mail box calls, account balances, shipping status, inventory availability and classroom grades.

With many incoming and outgoing calls for public safety and security organizations, rescue services, air traffic control centers, and police and fire stations, voice and data recording are vital in order to properly log inquiries.

Call-logging systems provide two basic functions: transaction documentation and quality monitoring. Marathon Advanced and Marathon Compact voice-recording systems from ASC Telecom offer cost-effective logging for smaller operations.

Floor maps help keep track of employees working outside of a traditional office when they do come into the office. This desk-telephone assignment software program from Professional Resource Management creates a computerized graphic showing the floor plan of the office, identifying desks and shared facilities by colored dots. This map is based on drawings supplied by the customer.

(Used by permission: National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, The Public Purchaser)

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Purchasing Employees Among Those Honored
During Public Service Recognition Week

Buyer Supervisor Ron Price receives award from Cabinet Secretary Joseph MarkusDuring Public Service Recognition Week, the Department of Administration honored its tenured employees during a special ceremony.

Cabinet Secretary Joseph Markus expressed the importance of the service which these employees offer each day and the dedication and time which they have contributed to the state of West Virginia and its citizens.

The Purchasing Division would like to pay special attention to our employees who were recognized during this ceremony:

Buyer Supervisor Ron Price of the Acquisitions and Contract Admini-stration Section has worked for state government for 25 years.

Manager Ken Frye of the West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property has worked for the state for 20 years.

David Wolfe of the West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property (previously worked for the Consolidated Publishing Facility) celebrated 20 years of service with the state. David was also recognized for superior attendance in 1999. He did not take any sick leave during the year.

Congratulations to these three employees of the Purchasing Division for their hard work and dedication to the division's goals and objectives. Their valuable contributions are greatly appreciated.

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Meet Our West Virginia Businesses!

Each month, The Buyers Network will be familiarizing our readers with state businesses who attended our Vendor Purchasing Conference last year. We appreciated their participation in this training event.

Introducing Pitney Bowes Office Systems of South Charleston, West Virginia 

Pitney Bowes Office Systems of South Charleston, West Virginia, offers multi-functional copiers, printers and fax machines. They have serviced statewide contracts for various equipment.

Rodney End of Pitney Bowes indicated that calling on user departments enhances the ability to assess its needs and to ensure that all applications have been addressed. As a participant of the Vendor Purchasing Conference last year, End stated, "I came away with a better understanding of the bid and evaluation process. Meeting with the staff was very valuable."

For more information on the services offered by Pitney Bowes, contact Rodney End at (800) 315-3682 or by e-mail at

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SB 333 Affects Policy on Original Certifications

With the passage of Senate Bill 333, which became effective March 11, certain policy changes will be implemented. In particular, the payment process that govern original certification has been revised.

The original certification of a copied, faxed, or duplicate invoice as an original now requires TWO original signatures. One must be the Chief Financial Officer, or the Agency/Department Administrator. The other must be a delegated agency staff person, having a signature card on file in the State Auditor's Office.

For more details, call Connie Rockhold at 558-2261.

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Conference RegistrationThe conference registration desk was the central headquarters of this training effort, where Conference Coordinators Diane Holley and Debbie Watkins were available to assist the participants.



One-on-one consultation sessionsParticipants frequently visited the "one-on-one consultation board" to schedule appointments with agency and Purchasing representatives. During the conference, specific periods were set aside for 15 minute individual meetings at which the state vendors could explain the products and services they provide and to learn more about the needs of the state.


Motivational speaker John WagnerMotivational speaker John Wagner entertained participants during the conference banquet. He spoke of humor in the workplace and emphasized the three R's of success: Responsibility, Relationships and Recognition. Aside from offering motivational talks, Wagner is a counselor and faculty member at a community college in Cincinnati.


Panel discussions played a major role in the 2000 Vendor Purchasing ConferenceTo conclude the conference, a question and answer session provided an opportunity for participants to discuss any purchasing-related issue. The Purchasing Division staff was also encouraged to offer their perspective of the conference and of various issues relating to state purchasing. Purchasing Director Dave Tincher welcomed this opened forum between the state vendors and the Purchasing staff.



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Year 2000 Warranty Standard Explained

According to a memorandum from Dr. Samuel Tulley, the State's Chief Technology Officer, the requirement for vendors to sign the state's Year 2000 compliance form has been eliminated.

Based on a recommendation from the Information Technology Council (ITC) this form is no longer required by the State Office of Technology to be completed by vendors; however, the form will remain available on the state website for agencies to use at their own discretion.

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Appointment Time Savers

   You have places to go and people to see. And you do not have time to hang around waiting for an appointment to show up. Here's some tips on avoiding wasting time:

Confirm your appointments the day before. Let people know you are conscientious; they will likely follow suit.

Do not arrive too early. More than 10 minutes early is wasting time.

Bring some work with you. If you must wait, it cuts down the wasted time if you bring something else you can work on in the meantime.

Set the appointment for an odd time. Instead of 8:00 a.m. or 8:30 a.m., try 8:15 a.m. or 8:45 a.m. People will most likely do their best to make it on the dot.

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Nancy Price Shares Her Work Experiences
During "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day"

Nancy Price and her daughter, LindseyNancy Price of the Acquisition and Contract Administration Section spent the day with her daughter, Lindsey, during Bring Your Daughter to Work Day in late April.

A graduating senior from Clay County High School, Lindsey was able to learn more about the responsibilities that 'Mom' handles for state government.

Bring Your Daughters to Work Day is a national event, encouraging young women to learn more about different career opportunities available to them.

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Year End Processing Guidelines Outlined to All State Agencies

According to a memorandum issued from the Encumbrance Year End Processing Team, a plan has been established for the fiscal year end processing of encumbrance documents on the West Virginia Financial Information Management System. The goal of this plan is to facilitate a smooth transaction for encumbrance document processing between fiscal year 2000 and 2001.

Primary objectives for year end processing are to prevent a backlog of transactions in the Purchasing Division and the State Auditor's Office and to ensure the timely processing of agency transactions. The cooperation of each agency in adherence to the year end processing plan is extremely important.

It has been recommended that agencies process encumbrance documents as usual for non-appropriate and re-appropriated accounts through June 9, 2000. However, priority should be given to those transactions that are non-appropriated and should be processed by June 30.

To assist the Purchasing Division and State Auditor's Office in processing expiring fund encumbrance transactions, state agencies have been instructed to distinguish these transactions by using an expiring funds stamp with red ink on the face of the document, beginning April 3.

Agency fiscal officers should monitor encumbrance balances for their funds to ensure that all encumbrance related expenditure transactions presented to the State Auditor's Office for payment will have a sufficient balance to pass the liquidity check. Agencies have been encouraged not to use the U.S. Mail toward the end of both June and July, but rather to have documents hand carried to the appropriate offices.

The State Auditor's Office must receive all encumbrance related transactions for processing by 5:00 p.m. on both June 30 and July 31 and its office will not be responsible for any transaction mailed for processing that is not received by these dates and times.

The following is Purchasing Division's time line for expiring funds (appropriate general/special/federal revenue):

June 8: Last day that non-bid requi-sitions (e.g., change orders, direct purchase orders, emergency purchase orders, and/or equipment contract orders) referencing expiring funds may be submitted to the Purchasing Division's Acquisition and Contract Administration for processing. Walk-throughs will be permitted until 1:00 p.m. on June 30.

June 12:  First day which fiscal year 2001 encumbrance documents may be entered into WVFIMS. These transactions can only be approved to the Purchasing Division, Org. 0200. The Purchasing Division may not be able to electronically approve these transactions to the State Auditor's Office until July 5.

July 5: First day that the Purchasing Division may be able to encumber and electronically approve fiscal year 2001 encumbrance documents to the State Auditor's Office.

The following is Purchasing Division's time line for non-expiring funds (non-appropriated special reve-nue and reappropriated accounts):

June 8:  Last day to submit fiscal year 2000 encumbrance (purchase order) documents. Walk-throughs will be permitted until 1:00 p.m. on June 30.

June 23:  All encumbrance transactions (WVFIMS purchase orders and purchase order adjustments) that were unable to be processed by the Purchasing Division by this date will be rejected to the agency of origin.

The following is general time line instructions:

July 5: Agencies may modify any encumbrance document that was rejected to their agency due to year end processing to reflect the correct fiscal year on the split screen. Agencies may also begin approving fiscal year 2001 transaction.

For questions on year end processing guidelines, please contact Jo Ann Dunlap of the Purchasing Division at 558-0059 or Lisa Comer of the State Auditor's Office at 558-2261. ext. 163.

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A Little Bit of News About Us...
                           Purchasing Milestones

Nancy Love Retires!Saying Good-bye...Nancy Love, Office Assistant for the Acquisition and Contract Administration Section, announced her retirement, effective May 31. Previously an employee of the former Revolving Fund Division, Nancy will be greatly missed by our staff as well as representatives from state agencies.



A winning recipe by Catherine DeMarco!Skills Abound...Catherine DeMarco, State Travel Manager, showed off her hidden talents recently at the Public Service Recognition Week's bake-off by winning third place in the pastry category. Catherine is also an avid quilter and submitted one of her latest works to the Cultural Center's display of hand-made quilts.

Curt Curtiss gets married!Wedding Bells Ringing...Curt Curtiss, Assistant Purchasing Director for Acquisitions and Contract Administration, recently exchanged vows with the former Patti Carpenter. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!


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Current Statewide Contract Update

Information and dates (as of March 16, 2000) included in this Current Statewide Contract Update are subject to change. If you need additional information, please contact the appropriate state buyer.

Contracts Awarded

Contract: TAGS
Identification Tags

Advanced Information Management
Effective Date:

Contract: RIB
Ribbons and Laser

File: 42
Vendor: Rent-a-Cartridge
Effective Date: 03/15/00

Contracts to be Bid or Under Evaluation

Contract: BARSOAP
Bar Soap
Bid Opening:
Under Evaluation
: Yes

Contract: N-TIRES
Tires: Auto and Equipment
Bid Opening:
Under Evaluation:

Contract: FOOD
Canned Food
Bid Opening:
Under Evaluation:

Contracts to be Renewed

Contract: CABLE
Coaxial Cable
State Electric
Effective Date:

Contract: EDMS
Electronic Document Management Systems
Albesoft, ManTech, Raytheon, Vredenburg
Effective Date:

Contract: FLRMAC
Floor Machines
Unisource, Dayco
Effective Date: 05/15/00

Contract: SYSFURN
Systems Furniture
File: 22
Capitol Business, Contemporary Galleries, Contract Business, Steelcase, GF, Wheeling Typewriter and Office Access Systems, KI Kreuger
Effective Date:

Contract: BEDDING
Mattresses, Box Springs and Pillows
Sealy, White Dove, Chestnut Ridge Shirlike
Effective Date:

Contract: LIGHT
Lighting; Bulbs
State Electric
Effective Date:

Contracts to be Reviewed



Electric Cable and Hardware


X-Ray Film and Supplies

Dry Cell Batteries




Ethyl Alcohol

Temporary Services

Push Brooms


Motor Vehicles

Police Cruisers

Purchasing Division Staff

For questions concerning these contracts listed, please contact the appropriate buyer:

File 21
Charlyn Miller

File 22
Pam Jones

File 31
Evan Williams

File 33
John Johnston

File 41
Ron Price

File 42 
Jim Jackson

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