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Conference Registration Begins this Month!

Special Advisory Committee Created to Address Purchasing Card Issues

The Director's Comments
Review of the Purchasing Manual Takes Cooperation

Surplus Property Program Reaches Out to a Wide Variety of Customers

MORE DISCOUNTS! Surplus Property Manager Offers Weekly Specials

Make Your Nominations Today for the 1998 Agency Procurement Officer of the Year

Governor's Mobile Office Established
to Offer Easy Access to West Virginia State Government

TEAM Automated Purchasing System Offers
Analysis on Fiscal Year 1997 Purchase Orders

MONEYWISE...Tips for the Thifty

State Agencies to Designate Parking Coordinators

Finance Division Moves into our Building

U.S. Airways Expands Non-Stop Jet Service to Philadelphia and Charlotte

ON HOLD!...How Was I Suppose to Know? With TEAM...You Know!

Current Statewide Contract Update


Conference Registration Begins this Month!

Registration packets for the 1998 Spring Purchasing Conference will be mailed early this month to all agency procurement officers. The three-day conference will be held on May 18th through 20th at Canaan Valley State Resort & Conference Center.

The workshops offered during the conference include only those topics directly related to the Purchasing Division. "Many of the state's procurement officers rely on this training effort to help them understand the state purchasing procedures and other programs we offer. They need to learn of any changes which may affect their job," according to Purchasing Director Dave Tincher. "This year, we are placing special emphasis on those issues and programs which we have responsibility for managing."

The workshops scheduled for the spring conference include: Consolidated Publishing Facility Services; Fixed Assets; Fleet Management; Information Technology Contracts; Internet for the Purchasing Professional; Introduction to Purchasing (for new employees only); PO Encumbrance Module; Purchasing Card Program; Purchasing for the Experienced Professional; Statewide Contracts; Request for Proposal (RFP) Bid, Award, and Evaluation Process; TEAM; Surplus Property Program; Travel Management; and, Vendor Registration.

In addition to these workshops, the Purchasing Division is offering something new, a 'game show'... Purchasing Jeopardy! Who needs Alex Trebek? We've got Purchasing Director Dave Tincher to agree to serve as the host.

Agencies will be encouraged to get their teams together to compete against other agency representatives during this workshop, which is closely modeled after the television game show. "We want to make learning fun," Tincher said. "Those attending this workshop will gain knowledge of various programs under our jurisdiction in a fun, informal environment."

Purchasing Jeopardy! will be offered twice during the conference. Three teams of three individuals per team may participate at each session. If your agency would like to participate, please sign your team up by calling Diane Holley at (304) 558-0661.

If you do not receive your conference registration materials by the end of March, please contact Janice Boggs (558-0086), Debbie Watkins (558-3568), or Carol Jarrett (558-2309).

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Special Advisory Committee Created
to Address Purchasing Card Issues

A Purchasing Card Advisory Committee has been formed to address issues relating to the use, promotion and advancement of the Purchasing Card Program, according to the program's administrator, Dick Estill.

Comprising of representatives from the Purchasing Division, WVFIMS, Information Services & Communications Division (IS&C), the State Auditor's Office, and other state agencies, this 11-member committee met for the first time in late January. The group focused on researching software management systems for the credit card program. The board will forward their recommendations to the State Auditor's Office.

"This board of advisors will continue to meet to examine new and enhanced ways to administer this program," Estill said.

Future meetings will tackle such issues as the interaction between the Purchasing Card Program and statewide contracts; the expansion of the limits and use of the card; and other enhancements.

The committee members include: Denise Carper (WVU Procurement Services); Larry Barnhill (Marshall University); Rick Porto (Fairmont State College); Jim McMillion (State Treasurer's Office); Robert Bradley (Highways); Warren Keefer (Health & Human Resources); Patricia Haddy (Tax & Revenue); Dick Estill (Purchasing Division); Dot Yeager (Finance Division); Rick Pickens (IS&C); and State Auditor Glen B. Gainer (Chairperson).

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The Director's Comments
Review of the Purchasing Manual Takes Cooperation

By Dave Tincher
Purchasing Director

As mentioned in last month's issue of The Buyers Network, an extensive review of the Agency Purchasing Procurement Manual is currently in progress.

Five agency procurement officers reviewed the existing manual in December and offered suggestions for improvement and clarification.

Each policy statement, which was included as part of the manual, has been evaluated both internally and externally for functionality. Although some have been deleted, others are going through a similar review and will be incorporated into the manual text.

The new version of the Agency Purchasing Procedures Manual will be distributed at the 1998 Spring Purchasing Conference in May. This manual is to serve as a guide to those individuals with responsibility for state purchasing.

Agency feedback is crucial in this review process. I would like to hear any suggestions or comments that you feel should be considered when revising this manual. For more details on the manual review, please contact Diane Holley at (304) 558-0661.

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Surplus Property Program Reaches Out
to a Wide Variety of Customers

When the West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property (WVSASP) looks at their customer base, they basically have to include everyone. Unlike some state agencies who deal with a specific group of individuals or organizations, WVSASP offers their program to all state agencies, political subdivisions, and taxpayers.

In 1997, the WVSASP staff negotiated 491 negotiated sales of state surplus property of which 126 were to state agencies, with a percentage of the proceeds returning to the agency which retired the property. Approximately 1,050 negotiated sales of federal surplus property were conducted, of which 169 individual sales were to state agencies.

In 1997, WVSASP offered seven public auctions, with one of the auction held at Hopemont State Hospital. The other auctions were held at WVSASP's warehouse facility in Dunbar. Over 300 surplus used vehicles were sold through public auction last year.

In addition, four public sealed bids for property located at agencies around the state were conducted last year. There were 39 weekly public sealed bid sales for property located at the Dunbar location conducted.

WVSASP is a self-supporting agency, with no appropriations from the general revenue fund.

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More Discounts!...Surplus Property Manager Offers Weekly Specials

Even more discounts? Is it possible? Surplus Property Manager Ken Frye wants to offer another reason for organizations to visit the state and federal warehouses.

Beginning February 1st, customers began receiving additional savings with the Manager's Weekly Specials.

Select items are discounted lower than the already reduced price during that week. For more information on the weekly specials, contact Larry Danberry, State Warehouse Supervisor, or Danny Layton, Federal Warehouse Supervisor, at (304) 766-2626.

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Make Your Nominations Today for the
1998 Agency Procurement Officer of the Year

Later this month, the 1998 Agency Procurement Officer of the Year nomination form and criteria will be distributed. In the February issue of The Buyers Network, this information was included and may be used when nominating a public purchaser for this recognition. The deadline for nominations is Friday, April 10th. The recipient will receive a certificate, engraved clock, free registration to the 1999 State Purchasing Conference, and free registration to a National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc. (NIGP) seminar or home study course.

For more information, call Diane Holley at (304) 558-0661.

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Governor's Mobile Office Established to Offer
Easy Access to West Virginia State Government

By Debbie Watkins
Purchasing Division

Have you ever had a question about state issues, such as taxes, insurance, or motor vehicles, but didn't know who to call?

The Governor's Office is now bringing West Virginia state government to its citizens by providing an accessible source for information. The first unit of the Governor's Mobile Office began traveling around the state on January 13, 1998, with its first stop at the Martinsburg Mall.

The mobile office is being staffed by Bill Herring, special assistant to the Governor. Herring, a native of Preston County and a Morgantown resident, graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in communications. He has worked in the Office of Institutional Advancement at WVU and, most recently, served in the state Department of Administration as a special assistant for cabinet affairs.

Herring will be taking the mobile office to each county seat at least once a month until the second mobile office is on the road, which is expected to be very soon. At that time, there will be a northern and southern mobile office, with Herring covering northern West Virginia and another representative handling the southern counties.

The offices will frequently stop at public locations, such as shopping malls, senior citizen centers, and libraries. The offices are equipped with two cellular phones (one for incoming and outgoing calls, and the other as a fax line), a laptop computer, fax machine, printer, and a copier. Ken Miller, the State's Fleet Manager, acquired the two vans to be used as the mobile offices from the Division of Environmental Protection and the Department of Health & Human Resources. "The interior of the vans had to be modified for the installation of the computer workstation," Miller said. He also requested decals and the state seal to be placed on the outside of the vehicles.

The mobile unit has proved to be very popular with state residents. Some of the questions asked relate to tax issues (real estate and property), drivers license procedures, state highways, and the Medicare program. When individuals visit the mobile office, a form is completed which includes their name, address, county, telephone number, their concern or question, and how the mobile office assisted them. The forms are then submitted to the Governor's Office. Their office will review the form and respond to the individual in writing within seven to ten days as to what steps are being taken to answer and/or resolve their problem.

The mobile office is also prepared to follow-up on each request to ensure that a response was offered. "We want everyone to have easier access to state government information and another avenue to voice concerns," according to Gov. Cecil H. Underwood. The Governor's Mobile Office can be reached by calling (304) 541-4683.

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TEAM Automated Purchasing System Offers Analysis
on Fiscal Year 1997 Purchase Orders

West Virginia vendors received most of the dollars spent by state agencies last fiscal year, according to a TEAM system report recently released.

For purchase orders processed through the Purchasing Division, meaning those exceeding $10,000, state resident vendors gained nearly 70 percent of the state dollars spent, a value of $284,381,966.

Non-state vendors received a total of $138,987,244 of purchase orders, or approximately 30 percent. The dollar amount processed through the Purchasing Division last fiscal year totalled $423,369,210.

The average purchase order amount for fiscal year 1997 was $197,553. The majority of purchase orders were agency blanket orders, with agreements following closely as the second type of purchase mostly used. The state agencies which processed the most purchase orders through the Purchasing Division included the Division of Highways, Division of Environmental Protection, Division of Human Services, Department of Administration, and the Division of Natural Resources.

The TEAM automated purchasing system has the capability to generate reports relating to purchasing transactions.

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MoneyWise...Tips for the Thrifty

Cashing Out Retirement Plans

Planning ahead for retirement is an important concern to many of all ages. This investment is often gradually made with the mindset of never touching those funds until those golden years. However, the Employee Benefit Research Institute says lower-income people who will most need retirement money are cashing in their plans when they change jobs. A recent study shows that 80 percent of account balances of $3,500 or less are not rolled over into another retirement plan when people cash out. In contrast, only four percent of those with account balances of $100,000 or more spend the money.

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State Agencies to Designate Parking Coordinators

Each agency has been requested to designate one individual to serve as its parking coordinator, according to Janice Boggs, Capitol Parking Manager.

The agency parking coordinators will work directly with Boggs in disseminating information regarding any parking issues and will be responsible for the assignment of parking spaces to their staff. In addition, the coordinators will be responsible for handling any parking problems which may occur within their agency.

A mailing has been distributed relating to this request. If you have any questions, please contact Janice Boggs at (304) 558-0086.

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We've Got New Neighbors
Finance Division Moves into Building

The Finance Division of the Department of Administration recently joined the Purchasing Division at 2019 Washington Street, East.

Approximately 32 employees of the Accounting Section, which includes the Payroll Unit, and the Director's Office were affected by the move to the newly renovated second floor space.

The logistics of this relocation project took the collaboration of many people. "I'd like to thank everyone throughout the Department who worked so hard to make this happen," Dot Yeager, Finance Director, said. "I would like to particularly thank the General Services Division for renovating the work space; the Purchasing Division for facilitating the related procurements; the Accounting Section for surviving this transition; and especially our customers for being so patient with temporary communication glitches."

In the past, employees of the Accounting Section were physically located in different areas. This move will bring these employees who are performing similar duties together at one location.

All telephone and facsimile numbers for those employees affected will remain the same. In addition, the Financial Accounting & Reporting Section (FARS) and the Budget Section were not affected in this move.

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U.S. Airways Expands Non-Stop Jet Service to
Philadelphia and Charlotte

Travel Manager Catherine Bryan says traveling from Charleston has recently became more convenient with new non-stop jet service from US Airways Express.

Beginning February 1st, US Airways Express began offering a new non-stop jet flight to their Philadelphia hub.

At the same time, a jet flight was added to the current service to Charlotte. The new jet to Philadelphia is the only nonstop in the market and offers additional connecting opportunities to the West, Northeast, and Europe.

US Airways has more good news to share with state travelers...the airline has increased their discount to state employees on business travel to 12%.

The Travel Management Office continues to negotiate with travel services to offer the best rates for our state travelers!

On Friday, January 30th, US Airways celebrated their new jet service from Yeager Airport to Philadelphia and Charlotte with a special ceremony at Yeager Airport.

Bryan joined representatives from US Airways, Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, Charleston Mayor Kemp Melton and other dignitaries in welcoming this extended service.

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ON HOLD!...How Was I Supposed to Know?
With TEAM...You Know!

By Dan Miller
Automation Manager

Since September of 1995, vendor hold, an electronic feature of the TEAM automated purchasing system, has been in effect. In accordance with the West Virginia Code 5A-3-12, all vendors doing business with the state must be properly registered with the Purchasing Division. Vendors who participate in the competitive bid process and receive purchase orders are required to pay an annual fee of $45 which entitles them to a year's subscription to the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin.

Vendors placed on hold status are ineligible to receive purchase orders in excess of $1,000. How do you know which vendors are eligible to receive purchase orders? Buyers and procurement officers can refer to the ORDER FROM VENDOR SETUP (VOS) screen in TEAM. The letter "H" next to the ORDER HOLD field appears when the vendor has been placed on hold. Vendors who are considered sole-source suppliers by the Purchasing Division may be exempted from paying the $45 fee. Vendors are placed on hold when:

The vendor fees are used to defray the cost of postage and printing for the Bulletin and to support our automation efforts.

Vendors are removed from the hold status when the vendor has paid the fee, or temporarily when an agency wants to purchase items less than $1,000.

If you have trouble accessing the VOS screen, please contact Dan Miller, our Automation Manager, at 304-558-2314. Questions concerning the vendor registration process may be directed to Jo Ann Dunlap, Administration Unit Manager, at 304-558-0059 or our Vendor Registration Administrator Forrest Loudin at 304-558-2311.

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Current Statewide Contract Update

Information and dates (as of February 14, 1998) included in this Current Statewide Contract Update are subject to change. If you need additional information, please contact the appropriate state buyer.

Contracts Awarded

Contract: BARSOAP
Description: Various Sizes of Hand Soap
File: 22
Effective Date: 07/01/97

Contracts to be Bid or Under Evaluation

Contract: HOUSE
Description: Housekeeping Supplies
File: 22
Bid Opening: 01/14/98
Under Evaluation: Yes

Contract: DFS
Description: Disposable Food Service
File: 22
Bid Opening: 03/25/98
Under Evaluation: To Be Opened

Contract: FLR-MAC
Description: Floor Machines
File: 22
Bid Opening: 04/08/98
Under Evaluation: To Be Opened

Contract: FOOD
Description: Canned Food and Staple Groceries
File: 42
Bid Opening: 03/11/98
Under Evaluation: To Be Opened

Contracts Renewed

Contract: TAGS
Description: Identification Tags
File: 42
Effective Date: 10/31/98
Vendor: Reynolds & Reynolds

Contract: S-SVC
Description: Security Guard Services
File: 22
Effective Date: 05/01/98
Vendor: Security America

Contract: CEREAL
Description: Cereal Breakfast Services
File: 42
Effective Date: 05/15/97
Vendor: Kelloggs

Contracts to be Reviewed


Water Treatment Chemicals

Guardrail and Posts

Motor Vehicles


Laundry Materials

Hand Tools

Liquid Spills


Purchasing Division Buying Staff
For questions concerning these contracts listed, please contact the appropriate buyer:

File 21
Pam Jones

File 22
Jim Jackson

File 31
Charlyn Miller

File 33
Ron Price

File 41
Evan Williams

File 42

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