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The Buyers Network is Published Monthly by the Purchasing Division of the WV Department of Administration to Promote Better Value in Public Purchasing.

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Purchasing Division Plays an Active Role in Offering Information on the State's Intranet

What Did the Participants Think About the Vendor Teleconference?
Let's See what They Said!

The Director's Comments
Enhanced Communication

Ready for Winter Driving?
Ready or Not...It's Here

Purchasing Bulletin Schedule for 1998 Released

New Facility Enhanced for Training of Various Statewide Systems

Notice of Fax Numbers

MONEYWISE...Tips for the Thrifty

Organizational Structure
We've Made Some Changes in Purchasing

NIGP Meeting Notice Reminder

Purchasing Card Program Breaks Million Dollar Mark for One Month's Purchases

Purchasing Division Expands its Family

Current Statewide Contract Update


Purchasing Division Plays Active Role in Offering
Information on State's Intranet

Most of us are becoming somewhat comfortable with the Internet. We surf...we email...we even download now. These terms were quite foreign to us not long ago. However, as technology changes, so must we in order to continue the speed in accessing information.

Now, something new has been introduced which affects us as state employees: the Intranet. The Intranet is a small, self-contained network that functions much like the Internet, but supports an enterprise within its own borders. In layman terms, the Intranet may not allow us to surf the 'super highway', but we can certainly cruise the boulevard.

Only state employees will have access to the information on the Intranet. This information will include various program's rules and regulations, and other material pertinent to state employees. By storing, searching, and retrieving documents from an Intranet server, time can be saved by making key documents available at the touch of your keyboard.

As of October 27, 1997, the State Intranet server became available at At this time, it is being used for testing purposes and is currently under construction. Access to the server is currently limited to IP addresses assigned to the state, including those accessing through WVNET dialups, IS&C's Internet connections, and other state IP networks.

In addition to information relating to all state employees, such as the telephone directory, agencies will have the opportunity to include forms, regulations, publications and other information to be accessed on the server. Currently, the Department of Administration is the first department to have information available. The Statewide IP (Information Processing) contract vendors are available on the Intranet as well as an Intranet version of the WVFIMS ADHOC Crystal Info Server.

The Purchasing Division has been in the forefront of adding information to the Intranet. Some of the purchasing information currently available to state agencies include online issues of The Buyers Network, an email directory for their personnel, a listing of all statewide contracts issued by the Purchasing Division, and a search engine which allows the user to type in a 'key word' to access information.

More information will be added to the Intranet. Future additions include purchasing forms and information concerning the WV Financial Information Management System (WVFIMS). Each agency will be able to update and maintain their own information on the Intranet. to be able to update and maintain their own information which is available on the Intranet.

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What Did the Participants Think About the Vendor Teleconference?
Let's See What They Said!

Focusing on the opportunities available to West Virginia vendors, the Purchasing Division targeted that audience when presenting its first-ever statewide vendor teleconference. Over 150 West Virginia vendors went to one of the eleven facilities at which this presentation was downlinked.

Although the division did receive some instant feedback from the site facilitators who coordinated the presentation at the individual locations, the responses to the evaluation sheets were not only encouraged, but eagerly accepted. "We want to know what went well and what we could do to improve our efforts in the future," according to Purchasing Director David Tincher.

Although the division has not received all of the evaluation sheets from the various sites, there are enough to make some determination of the success of this venture. Several participants indicated the need for similar presentations in the future and on a more regular basis. One of the biggest features of using satellite technology was the two-way audio; however, a few of the vendors expressed their feelings of uneasiness in calling in with their questions. These feelings will be sustantially reduced as this type of technology is used more frequently within the state. There were some minor technical problems that were reported; however, they were corrected as quickly as possible by the site facilitators and the facility personnel.

Basically the key words gathered from the responses were "helpful", "enjoyable", and "informative". Let's take a quick look at some of the responses in the vendors' own words:

Our facilitator was knowledgeable and helpful...

Very effective teleconference — much valuable information...

Everything was excellent...thanks!

Excellent way of informing vendors of state needs...

This was a wonderful opportunity to help us understand how better to do business with not only the state and its Purchasing Division, but also the various agencies.

Once all evaluation forms have been received, a more detailed analysis will be reported in a future issue of The Buyers Network.

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Enhanced Communication

By Dave Tincher
Purchasing Director

Each month, the Purchasing Division communicates with procurement officers from all state agencies via The Buyers Network. This publication is dedicated solely to the purpose of enhancing the flow of information from our office to yours.

It is our hope to keep you informed of the latest developments of purchasing techniques and services offered by our division. However, it is equally important to exchange information with agencies and other govern-mental entities.

It is extremely crucial for the Purchasing Division to know your professional problems and needs if we are to adequately serve state agencies effectively. We cannot provide the quality products and services required by government without feedback and two-way communication.

Any suggestions that you have enabling us to better serve you will be eagerly accepted.

In a similar manner, vendors also need to hear from agencies about problems with quality and delivery. Most vendors are more than willing to serve their customers well, but need to know when problems arise and to work together in resolving those problems.

Currently, our buying staff began seeking feedback from the vendor community in various ways, such as by making monthly visits to different vendors and by working closely with them in reviewing our statewide contracts.

Write or call the Purchasing Division or vendors when you perceive problems arising. The net result will be a better procurement system for all of us.

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Ready for Winter Driving? Ready or Not...It's Here

Winter always seems to sneak up on us...Before we realize that it is here, the snow is falling as is the temperature. The Fleet Management Office offers a list of vehicle performance checks that we all need to remember to do before the most frigid temperatures arrive.

Battery: Even a good battery functions at only 65 percent efficiency when the temperature drops below freezing. In very cold weather, it can be operating as low as 40 percent. Make sure it is fully charged by having it tested by a mechanic.

Engine Performance: An untuned engine is more likely to break down in cold weather. Check your service schedule and get an engine analysis or diagnostic check if warranted. Computer-controlled systems often mask performance problems.

Cooling System: Check your coolant and, if needed, flush the system and refill with the recommended antifreeze/water mixture at least every other year.

Fluids and Filters: Change the oil if the time has come. Use 5W-30 in winter to avoid hard starting and engine wear. Check transmission and brake fuild levels, or have them checked at a quick-lube outlet.

Belts and Hoses: Make sure belts are tight. Replace those that are loose, cracked, glazed or frayed.

Suspension System: Worn shocks or struts, say General Motor engineers, alter a car's handling characteristics. That is dangerous on slippery roads. If the car "floats" or wanders, pulls to one side, or has tires with unusual signs of wear, get front-end alignment service.

Tires: All-season radial tires work well, but check tire pressure weekly in very cold weather. Pressure drops in extreme cold temperatures.

Windshield Wipers/Washers: Replace wiper blades that streak. Be sure windshild washers are working properly, and add no-freeze washer fluid.

Fuel System: Keep the gas tank at least half full to minimize condensation that can freeze in gas lines. In sever cold, consider adding gasoline antifreeze at every other fill-up.

Lights: Check all headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and signal lights so you can see and be seen.

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Purchasing Bulletin Schedule for 1998 Released

The 1998 schedule for the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin has recently been released, according to Jo Ann Dunlap, Administration Unit Manager.

This schedule is offered as a guide to establish bid opening dates. Requisitions under $10,000 may be included in the Bulletin if the state agencies submits the request in writing to: Jo Ann Dunlap, Administration Unit Manager, Purchasing Division, State Capitol Complex, 2019 Washington Street E., P.O. Box 50130, Charleston, WV 25305; telephone: 558-0059.

January, 1998

Cut Off Date: January 6
Mail Date: January 9

Cut Off Date: January 20
Mail Date: January 23

February, 1998

Cut Off Date: February 3
Mail Date: February 6

Cut Off Date: February 17
Mail Date: February 20

March, 1998

Cut Off Date: March 10
Mail Date: March 13

Cut Off Date: March 24
Mail Date: March 27

April, 1998

Cut Off Date: April 7
Mail Date: April 10

Cut Off Date: April 21
Mail Date: April 24

May, 1998

Cut Off Date: May 5
Mail Date: May 8

Cut Off Date: May 19
Mail Date: May 22

June, 1998

Cut Off Date: June 9
Mail Date: June 12

Cut Off Date: June 23
Mail Date: June 26

July, 1998

Cut Off Date: July 7
Mail Date: July 10

Cut Off Date: July 21
Mail Date: July 24

August, 1998

Cut Off Date: Aug. 11
Mail Date: Aug. 14

Cut Off Date: Aug. 22
Mail Date: Aug. 25

September, 1998

Cut Off Date: Sept. 8
Mail Date: Sept. 11

Cut Off Date:Sept. 22
Mail Date: Sept. 25

October, 1998

Cut Off Date: Oct. 6
Mail Date: Oct. 9

Cut Off Date: Oct. 20
Mail Date: Oct. 23

November, 1998

Cut Off Date: Nov. 4
Mail Date: Nov. 6

Cut Off Date: Nov. 17
Mail Date: Nov. 20

December, 1998

Cut Off Date: Dec. 1
Mail Date: Dec. 4

Cut Off Date: Dec. 15
Mail Date: Dec. 18

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New Facility Enhanced for Training of Various Statewide Systems

With the increased emphasis and demand for training on various statewide programs, the Purchasing Division now has the place to meet those needs.

When plans were being made for the renovation of the new office location, much consideration was made as to the size and features of the training facility. As a result, the facility was expanded, with two more computers available to increase the class size. There is now a total of twelve personal computers in the training facility.

A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel is also available which allows the students to view the appropriate computer screen projected on the wall. This feature has assisted Automation Manager Dan Miller during his training on the TEAM automated purchasing system. On November 6th, Miller conducted his first training class in this new facility. This training focused on the receipts posting process and how receipt information is passed to the West Virginia Financial Information Management System's (WVFIMS) Fixed Assets System when designated as an inventory item.

Miller expressed his enthusiasm over the new training facility located at Purchasing's new location. "The best part of moving to our new building has been more space dedicated for training purposes," according to Miller. "I am grateful for every additional square inch."

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Notice of Fax Numbers

The Administrative Services Section now has a new fax number: 558-6026. Please note, however, that the following existing fax numbers are still in use by other offices within the Purchasing Division:

Bid Packages for Vendors

Acquisition & Contract Administration/Director's Office

Consolidated Publishing Facility

Surplus Property

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MONEYWISE...Tips for the Thrifty

Skip Those Weight-Loss Products

With the new year approaching, many of us begin looking at quick and easy ways to lose some of those unwanted pounds that creeped upon us during the holiday season. But beware, says experts from Perdue University. Many products only cause loss of weight from the wallet. Here's some important tips that we should remember:

- You can't lose weight while you sleep...regardless of the claims.

- The plan to lose 30 pounds in 30 days results in regaining the weight quickly after the program.

- No products can make you lose weight and keep it off for good. Changing your diet and activity level are the only factors that will accomplish that.

- Be skeptical of expensive weight-loss products. Often they promise what is not possible.

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We've Made Some Changes in Purchasing

Change is certainly nothing new to the Purchasing Division staff lately. Not only has nearly 30 employees made the transition to the new office location at 2019 Washington Street, East in Charleston, but during this time new employees joined the division or familiar faces took on new roles with different responsibilities.

Recent changes to our organizational structure have been made to address specific needs regarding both new and existing programs of the Purchasing Division. Let's take a quick look at some of these changes:

WELCOME!...Three new employees began work at the Purchasing Division:

Vickie Goodall, Office Assistant II, will be assisting Automation Manager Dan Miller with TEAM and other automation projects. You may remember Vickie, who had previously worked for our division.

Larry Mullins, our new Mailrunner, has proved to be a tremendous help to our staff. Now since the Purchasing Division is no longer located in the Capitol Building, Larry spends much of his time keeping the flow of documentation from the Auditor's Office, Attorney General's Office and the Secretary's Office of the Department of Administration. He also assists with other tasks necessary to the operation of the division.

Rodney Swiney, Warehouse Assistant, began working in the state warehouse at the West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property. He assists Larry Danberry, State Warehouse Supervisor, in displaying merchandise and assisting customers.

In addition to the new faces at the Purchasing Division, there have also been some changes in job responsibilities with some of the familiar faces you have come to know.

- Diane Holley, who has served as Public Information Specialist, is now the Executive Assistant to the Director. She will be coordinating special projects and assisting on issues relative to all sections. In addition, she will continue to handle the division's public relation activities as well as those for the Department of Administration.

- Joan Adkins, who has assisted state agency representatives on pur-chasing records and distributions, is now performing the microfilming duties for the Administration Unit. The Office Assistant position which was previously held by Adkins was posted by the Division of Personnel.

- Because of the volume of the work and the extensive travel required, the decision was made to make the Purchasing Card Administrator a full-time position. Since this program began, Dick Estill has been performing this role part-time, in addition to his buying responsi-bilities. The hiring process is currently underway for the Purchasing Card Administrator position.

- During the current transition within the Department of Administration, several programs which were managed by the Cabinet Secretary's Office were reassigned to other divisions and agencies. In mid-September, the Purchasing Division took over the management of the Capitol Complex Parking. Janice Boggs has assumed the role of parking manager. In addition, she will be supervising and coordinating the activities of our mailrunner. As a result, her activity in the TEAM automated purchasing system will subsequently be reduced.

Other organizational changes have also occurred which affect our structure. The Operations Section has restruc-tured their section into four units: Materials, Administrative & Clerical (MAC); Quick Copy Convenience Centers; Estimating and Scheduling Images (EaSI); and, Consolidated Publishing Facility (CPF).

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NIGP Meeting Notice Reminder

The next meeting of the WV Chapter of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing will be at 12:00 noon on December 3rd at The Greenbrier. Reservations and payment for the luncheon were required by November 17th. If you registered to attend, please note that no refunds will be made for the luncheon should you decide that you cannot attend. If you have any questions, please contact Betty Baker at 304-645-4859.

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Purchasing Card Program Breaks Million
Dollar Mark for One Month's Purchases

One year after the introduction of the Purchasing Card Program, its success is apparent in the statistics. In October of 1997, the dollar volume of purchases made using the cards broke the one million dollar mark, specifically, $1,005,870.06. Since October 1996, nearly $5 million has been spent on purchasing card purchases, according to Purchasing Card Administrator Dick Estill.

With 1,169 cards issued, the cost of an actual invoice transaction has been reduced from $48 using the old invoice processing method to $24, thanks to the Purchasing Card Program, said Curt Curtiss, director of the Acquisition & Contract Administration Section.

According to recent statistics, there has been a total of 37,620 transactions since the program began. Nearly 8,000 of those transaction just occurred during October, 1997. The average transaction is $128.71.

In terms of dollar volume, some of the major users of the Purchasing Card Program, are the Bureau of Employment Programs, Department of Health & Human Resources, Department of Transportation, Fairmont State College...all of which were pilot agencies for the program.

"Agencies and vendors alike are very pleased with this program," according to Estill. "The increase in the card's usage according to our October 1997 statistics show the state agencies and their employees' eagerness to begin realizing the many benefits that this program brings to the purchasing process.".

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Purchasing Division Expands its Family

The Purchasing Division congratulates Debbie Watkins, Administrative Secretary to the Purchasing Director, and her husband, Jeff, on the birth of their son, Jonathan Taylor, on October 27th. He arrived weighing 8 pounds, 14 ounces and was 20 3/4 inches long. Jonathon was welcomed by his big, five-year-old brother, Jordan.

Debbie is currently on maternity leave until January 5th. Mary Ratliff will temporarily be performing her duties until her return.

Congratulations are also in order for Sue Smith of Acquisition & Contract Administration Section who became a grandma. Her daughter, Wendy, and husband, Scott, welcomed Corey Allen Leist on October 14th, all 7 pounds, 12 ounces and 22 inches of him.

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Current Statewide Contract Update

Information and dates (as of November 15, 1997) included in this Current Statewide Contract Update are subject to change. If you need additional information, please contact the appropriate state buyer.

Contracts Awarded

Contract: TEMP
Description: Temporary Services
File: 22
Effective Date: 11/01/97
Vendor: Various Vendors

Contract: IV/SOL
Description: I.V. Solutions & Accessories
File: 31
Effective Date: 12/01/97
Vendor: Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Contracts to be Bid or Under Evaluation

Contract: SAFETY
Description: Safety Equipment
File: 22
Bid Opening: 11/05/97
Under Evaluation: Yes

Contract: FLOORPAD
Description: Floor Buffing Pads
File: 22
Bid Opening: 12/03/97
Under Evaluation: To Be Opened

Contract: SAFETY
Description: Safety Equipment
File: 22
Bid Opening: 12/03/97
Under Evaluation: To Be Opened

Contract: FLOORPAD
Description: Floor Buffing Pads
File: 22
Bid Opening: 12/03/97
Under Evaluation: To Be Opened

Contract: HOUSE
Description: Housekeeping Supplies
File: 22
Bid Opening: 01/14/98
Under Evaluation: To Be Opened

Contract: SAN-PAP
Description: Sanitary Paper Supplies
File: 22
Bid Opening: 02/04/98
Under Evaluation: To Be Opened

Contract: ALUM
Description: Aluminum Coil and Flat Sheets
File: 33
Bid Opening: 11/26/97
Under Evaluation: Yes

Contract: A/E FILTERS
Description: Filters: Oil, Air & Fuel
File: 33
Bid Opening: 12/17/97
Under Evaluation: To Be Opened

Contracts Renewed

Contract: DISKETTE
Description: Computer Diskettes
File: 21
Effective Date: 11/01/97
Vendor: G.I. Tech

Contract: VIDEOTP
Description: Videotapes & Accessories
File: 21
Effective Date: 02/01/98
Vendor: Videotape

Contract: EL-TOOLS
Description: Mechanic Hand Tools
File: 22
Effective Date: 08/01/97
Vendor: Marco Supply

Contract: MH-TOOLS
Description: Mechanic Hand Tools
File: 22
Effective Date: 08/01/97
Vendor: Sears, Roebuck & Company

Contract: MOPS
Description: Mops and Brooms
File: 22
Effective Date: 01/01/98
Vendor: Industrious Blind Enterprise

Contract: MF-SVC
Description: Microfilm Services
File: 22
Effective Date: 01/01/98
Vendor: WV Association of Rehabilitative Facilities

Contract: SUTURES
Description: Surgical Sutures
File: 31
Effective Date: 10/15/97
Vendor: General Medical Corporation

Contract: MED/SUR
Description: Medical Surgical Supplies
File: 31
Effective Date: 11/01/97
Vendor: Various Vendors

Contract: LABELS
Description: Computer Pin-Fed Labels
File: 42
Effective Date: 11/01/97
Vendor: Adolph Sufrin

Contracts to be Reviewed


Catheters and Related Items

Chemical Glassware

Computer/Word Processing Furniture

Ostomy Products and Accessories


Key Punch Services

Disposable Food Service

Floor Machines

Fasteners and Accessories

Electronic Thermometer

Motor & Heating Fuels

Purchasing Division Buying Staff
For questions concerning these contracts listed, please contact the appropriate buyer:

File 21
Pam Jones

File 22
Jim Jackson

File 31
Charlyn Miller

File 33
Ron Price

File 41
Evan Williams

File 42
Dick Estill

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