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Only current or former employees who attained permanent (non-probationary) status are eligible to send an application directly to the contact person for an Internal Job Vacancy Posting.

The advertised closing date on the job posting is the deadline for receiving applications from current or former employees with permanent status.

If you do not meet this posting eligibility requirement, do NOT send an application or resume to the posting contact person or agency. It cannot be considered and will be destroyed. You MUST, instead, apply through the Division of Personnel open competitive application process. The Division of Personnel can accept applications from non-employees only if the job title is currently announced and open for external application.

If the hiring agency decides not to appoint a current of former permanent employee they may request a list of non-employee eligibles from the Division of Personnel. The Division of Personnel will refer the names of currently active and available eligibles according to merit system referral rules.

For information about the application process for external open competitive jobs refer to the Job Opportunities Home Page. You may speak with a job counselor by calling (304)558-3950 press 1. You may also write to the West Virginia Division of Personnel at the following address to request information: 1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston, West Virginia 25305-0139.

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