West Virginia Division of Personnel
Job Interest Card Categories 

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The WV Division of Personnel's online Interest Card system allows you to sign up to receive 12 months of email notifications whenever a job matching your selected job categories is opened for new applications.

To make your selection easy we use 12 broad categories for all state jobs titles. The types of jobs in each category are shown below. Select one or select all 12. You can select as many categories as you like. Other categories may be shown on the online form; however, you should make sure you at least include any of these 12 categories that might interest you.

Accounting and Financial
Tax Related, Utility Regulation, Administrative Management, Banking, Purchasing, Insurance, Business Development, technical and paraprofessional Office Jobs. We recommend persons interested in any office professional or supervisory work include this category.
Clerical, Data Entry
Administrative Support, Customer Service, Secretarial, office assistants, accounting technicians, Office clerical supervisors
Community Services
Economic Development, Library, Museum, Cultural Programs, Arts, Preservation, Archeology
Construction Maintenance
Trades, Custodial, Heavy Equipment, Operators and Mechanics, Drivers, Store Keeping, Manual jobs
Correctional Officer, Prisons, Probation
Environmental Sciences
Engineering, Any Applied Science, Water/Wildlife Resources, Natural Resources, Parks, Recreation, Forestry, Agriculture, Conservation Officer, Chemistry
Human Resources
Training, Education, Public Relations, Personnel, Employment Interviewing, Employment Counseling
Health Services
Medical Services, Personal Care, Nursing, Public Health, Rehabilitation, Psychologist
IT and Computers
Any data processing, information technology, information management, networks, computers operation, programming related, Web Services, etc.
Investigation, Dispatch, Emergency Services, Homeland Security, Safety and Risk
Law Enforcement
Investigation, Dispatch, Emergency Services, Homeland Security, Safety and Risk
Attorney, Paralegal, Hearings Examiner
Social Services
Human Services, Child Support, Social Work, Counseling related. Also includes, Institutional Services, such as Food Serice, Laundry, Housekeeping)

Note that jobs in any category may vary by type and level. Some categories may include jobs that do not interest you. This broad approach ensures that you will not miss out on any future job opportunity. There is no limit to how many categories you may select. You can simply delete any emails announcing jobs that do not interest you. We will even send you a reminder email in 11 months to renew you interest.


Find our online Interest Card form at:   agency.governmentjobs.com/wv