Pass/Fail Training and Experience Rating
(Whole List Referral)

The examination for this job title consists of a pass/fail training and experience rating. This means that all available eligibles who meet the minimum qualifications are referred for possible interview and appointment. The assessment procedure usually involves a review of applicant training, experience, special skill, licenses, and other competencies described in the application documents. No written examination is required. The hiring agency may conduct interviews to determine the most qualified candidate. Pass/fail procedures are primarily used when few qualified candidates are expected to apply.

For detailed information about the application process and currently announced jobs refer to the Staffing Services page.

There is no established waiting period to reapply for job classes for which candidates are reviewed on a pass/fail basis. However, once an applicant has qualified, there is no way to improve his or her chances of referral and hire by re-applying before the one year eligibility period has expired.

If you have any questions, please call our Applicant Services Unit at (304) 558-3950 Ext. 503.