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Agencies Served by the Division of Personnel
The agencies listed below are "covered" under the Division of Personnel merit system of Personnel administration. Classified position vacancies in these agencies are always filled through Division of Personnel applicant screening and referral procedures. Applicants need only submit one application to be considered for job openings in all of these agencies. For example, an applicant for Accountant 1, could be referred to several covered agencies for possible interview. Non-covered (exempt) agencies (List) are not required to use DOP services. Some non-covered agencies do, from time to time, request Division of Personnel applicant referral. Jobs for which exempt agencies have requested Division of Personnel recruitment assistance are listed on the Exempt Agency Jobs page. (Approximate total full-time positions is shown in parentheses.)

Largest merit system covered agencies we serve:

Department of Administration agencies - [Web Site]

  • General Services Division (90)
  • Office of Technology (125)
  • Personnel, Division of (60)
  • Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA)
  • Purchasing Division (60)
Corrections, Division of (2700)
Regional Jail Authority
Employment Programs, Bureau of (ES, 580)
Environmental Protection, Division of (760)
Health & Human Resources, Dept of (6000)
 (State Hospitals, Local Health, State Public Health, Social Services, Child/Adult Protective Services, etc. )
Highways, Division of (5000)
Motor Vehicles, Division of (500)
Natural Resources, Division of (830)
Public Service Commission (240)
Rehabilitation Services, Division of (700)
Tax and Revenue (430)

Other merit system agenices served:

Alcohol Beverage Control Administration (100)
Bureau for Child Support Enforcement (DHHR)
Criminal Justice, Division of (30)
Culture & History, Division of (80)
Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, WV
Development Office, West Virginia
Emergency Services, Office of (20)
Financial Institutions, Division of (30) (formerly, Banking)
Forestry, Division of (100)
Health Care Authority (30)
Human Rights Commission (30)
Insurance, Division of (60)
Juvenile Services, Division of
Labor, Division of (110)
Library Commission (60)
Lottery Commission (55)
Public Employee Insurance Agency (35)
Senior Services, Bureau of (30)
State Fire Commission (35)
State Rail Authority (25)
Tax Appeals, Office of
Tourism, Division of (55)
Veteran Affairs, Division of (80)
Water Development Authority (10)

Note: Some executive level, policy making, temporary, and specifically designated positions in covered agencies may be exempt from coverage.

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