June 17, 1999
Charleston, West Virginia

The State Personnel Board met on June 17, 1999 at 2:00 p.m. to conduct business and to consider other administrative matters. Present at the meeting were Chairman Roger Morgan and members Rev. Paul J. Gilmer, Elizabeth Harter and Eugene Stump. Board member Sharon Lynch was unable to attend. Joe E. Smith, Acting Director, Division of Personnel, Assistant Directors Perry Dotson and Mary Murphy, and Alma M. Legg, Secretary to Board, attended the meeting along with staff attorney Stephanie Schulz, and staff members Ginny Fitzwater and Jane Fouty.

The minutes of the May 20, 1999 meeting had been sent to the members of the Board prior to the meeting. Chairman Morgan asked for any additions or corrections. There being none, the May minutes were approved by unanimous consent.



Division of Corrections

Upon motion of Ms. Harter, seconded by Mr. Stump, the State Personnel Board approved proposal #1999, to establish the Prison Industries Sales Incentive Program as a permanent incentive plan. The Board further approved the Division of Correction's request to increase the quarterly maximum on sales commission from $1,500 to $2,000. With this modification, the written sales incentive plan originally approved on a pilot basis in May 1998 shall be considered the official plan. The approved plan is effective July 1, 1999. Ginny Fitzwater, Personnel Specialist, Senior, Classification and Compensation Section, briefed the Board on the request.


Division of Personnel

Upon motion of Mr. Stump, seconded by Ms. Harter, the State Personnel Board approved proposal #1987-amended, to revise the pay grade assignments for the following class series used by the Bureau of Employment programs:

TITLE                               FROM     TO
Safety/Loss Control Specialist 1     12      14
Safety/Loss Control Specialist 2     14      16
Safety/Loss Control Specialist 3     16      18
Safety/Loss Control Supervisor       18      20

The plan of implementation provides that the salaries of employees below the new minimums shall be adjusted to the new minimums and the salaries of employees within the new ranges shall remain unchanged. This action is to be effective August 1, 1999.

Division of Highways

The Board also approved pay grade revisions for the following classifications in the Department of Transportation to be effective August 1, 1999:

TITLE                                       FROM      TO
Highways District Administrator              21       22
Highways District Assistant Administrator    19       20
Highways Storekeeper                         08       09
Transportation Services Manager 3            18       19

The approved plan of implementation provides for all Department of Transportation employees in these job classifications is to adjust employees to the new minimum or by the percent difference between the old and new pay grades (i.e. 7% per pay grade), whichever is greater. Ginny Fitzwater, Senior Personnel Specialist, briefed the Board on the proposed pay grade revisions.


Cabell-Huntington Health Department

Upon motion of Rev. Gilmer, seconded by Ms. Harter, the State Personnel Board approved proposal #1994, designating the Cabell-Huntington Health Department's Children's Dental Clinic as the organizational unit for a reduction-in-force and a reduction in work hours to be effective no sooner than July 1, 1999. Omayma T. Touma, M. D., Director, Cabell-Huntington Health Department addressed the Board on the reduction-in-force.


Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department

Upon motion of Rev. Gilmer, seconded by Ms. Harter, the State Personnel Board approved proposal #1997, designating the Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department's Home Health Service Division and the Administrative Support Division as separate organizational units for a staggered reduction-in-force. The reduction-in-force is to be carried out in two phases, the first phase is to be effective no sooner than July 6, 1999, the second phase no sooner than November 1, 1999. Perry Dotson, Assistant Director, Employee Information and Payroll Audit Section, briefed the Board on the reductions-in-force for Cabell-Huntington Health Department and Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department.


With no further business to discuss, Chairman Morgan entertained the motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.


The next State Personnel Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 15, 1999, at 2:00 p.m. in Building 6, Room B-425, State Capitol Complex, Charleston, West Virginia.


Roger Morgan, Chairman
State Personnel Board

Alma M. Legg, Secretary
State Personnel Board