November 20, 2003

Charleston, West Virginia

            The State Personnel Board met on November 20, 2003 at 2:00 p.m. to conduct business and to consider other administrative matters. Present at the meeting were Board members Eugene Stump, Chairman, Elizabeth Harter Sharon Lynch and Reverend Paul J. Gilmer. Others in attendance were: Willard M. Farley, Acting Director of the Division of Personnel; Assistant Directors Tim Basford and Tari McClintock Crouse; and, Shelly Lowery, Secretary to the Board.


            The minutes of the October 16, 2003 meeting had been sent to the members of the Board prior to the meeting. Chairman Stump asked for any additions or corrections. There being none, Reverend Gilmer moved the minutes be accepted, Ms. Harter seconded the motion. The October minutes were approved by unanimous consent.




            Upon motion of Ms. Harter, seconded by Reverend Gilmer, the State Personnel Board (1) approved the portion of proposal #2239 that is a special plan of implementation for employees in the Environmental Technician 1 and 2 classes that will bring all employees in these classes to the new minimum or they will receive a 5% salary increase, whichever is greater, with a standard plan of implementation for all other classifications; (2) in agreement with the Department of Environmental Protection, deferred action on the proposed classification of Environmental Resources Program Specialist pending additional research; and, (3) approved a modification of the portion of the proposal to revise pay grades for select job classifications as shown in the following table.


Current Pay Grade/

Annual Salary Range

Proposed Pay Grade/

Annual Salary Range

Environmental Technician 1

08  16,932 - 31,320

10  19,392 - 35,892

Environmental Technician 2

10  19,392 - 35,892

12  22,224 - 41,112

Environmental Resources Specialist 1

11  20,760 - 38,400

14  25,452 - 47,088

Environmental Resources Specialist 2

13  23,784 - 43,992

15  27,252 - 50,400

Environmental Resources Specialist 3

15  27,252 - 50,400

16  29,160 - 53,952

Environmental Resources Specialist Supervisor

16  29,160 - 53,952

18  33,396 - 61,788

Environmental Inspector Supervisor

17  31,200 - 57,720

18  33,396 - 61,788

Environmental Resources Program Manager 1

17  31-200 - 57,720

19  35,736 - 66,120`

Environmental Resources Program Manager 2

19  35,736 - 66,120

21  40,932 - 75,720

Environmental Resources Program Manager 3

21  40,932 - 75,720

23  46,872 - 86,724

Environmental Resources Program Administrator

23  46,872 - 86,724

25  53,676 - 99,312

A representative of DEP noted that the Proposal Review Summary did not include Environmental Inspector Supervisor in the list of pay grade revisions. Mr. Basford stated this was a typographical error and would be corrected. These actions are effective January 1, 2004. In regard to the pay grade request for the Assistant Cabinet Secretary, DEP, the Board did not consider this action since the position is exempt from the classified service and the pay schedule. However, the Classification & Compensation Section agreed that pay grade 26 is appropriate for this classification, and that change will be made effective January 1, 2004. Tim Basford, Assistant Director of Classification and Compensation, presented the proposal.


            Upon motion of Ms. Harter, seconded by Ms. Lynch, the State Personnel Board approved the staff recommendation on proposal #2242 to establish an Increment Pay Policy. The Board modified the proposal to the extent that “increment pay” is substituted for “bonus” in the title and throughout the body of the policy; clarification of conditions under which employees are not eligible for payment; and, clarification that payment in any fiscal year is contingent on the availability of funds. The first payment is anticipated to be made in November 2003. Tari McClintock Crouse, Assistant Director of Employee Communications and Information, presented the proposal.



            Upon motion of Ms. Lynch, seconded by Ms. Harter, the State Personnel Board approved proposal #2243, to revise the pay grade for Hospital Administrator 1 from 21 ($40,932 - $75,720) to 24 ($50,172 - $92,808) effective January 1, 2004 with a standard plan of implementation. Tim Basford, Assistant Director of Classification and Compensation, presented the proposal.



            Acting Director Farley addressed the Board and noted that the Division would begin a proposal comment period to allow any other agencies who may have an interest in the outcome of the Board’s decisions to provide their input prior to Board consideration. Currently, comments are solicited only from agencies directly affected by proposed changes which are primarily those involving classification or pay changes.

            With no further business, Chairman Stump entertained the motion to adjourn the meeting. Ms. Lynch moved, Ms. Harter seconded the motion. Motion carried.


            The next state Personnel Board meeting is scheduled for December 18, 2003, at 2:00 p.m. in Building 6, Room B-425, State Capitol Complex, Charleston, West Virginia.

                                                                                    Eugene Stump, Chairman

                                                                                    State Personnel Board

                                                                                    Shelly Lowery, Secretary

                                                                                    State Personnel Board