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July 18, 2002
Charleston, West Virginia

The State personnel Board met on July 18, 2002 at 2:00 p.m. to conduct business and to consider other administrative matters. Present at the meeting were Board members Eugene Stump, Sharon Lynch, and Elizabeth Harter. Board member Reverend Paul J. Gilmer was unable to attend. Nichelle D. Perkins, Director of the Division of Personnel; Assistant Directors Tim Basford, Tari McClintock Crouse, and Max Farley; and, Brenda Brooks for Alma Legg, Secretary to the Board, attended the meeting.

The minutes of the June 27, 2002 meeting had been sent to the members of the Board prior to the meeting. Chairman Stump asked for any additions or corrections. There being none, Ms. Harter moved the minutes be accepted, Ms. Lynch seconded the motion. The June minutes were approved by unanimous consent.

Written and oral responses to the purposed amendments on the Administrative Rule of the Division of Personnel were received and responses were mailed. The Board was briefed on modifications made subsequent to the public hearing and public comment period. Ms. Lynch moved the approval of the amended Administrative Rule as presented to the Board for submission to the Legislative Rule-Making Review Committee. Ms. Harter seconded the motion. Motion carried.

With no further business, Chairman Stump entertained the motion to adjourn the meeting. Ms. Harter moved, Ms. Lynch seconded the motion. Motion carried.


The next state Personnel Board meeting is scheduled for August 15, 2002, at 2:00 p.m. in Building 6, Room B-425, State Capitol Complex, Charleston, West Virginia.

  Eugene Stump, Chairman
State Personnel Board

Brenda Brooks for
Alma M. Legg, Secretary

State Personnel Board

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