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February 15, 2001
Charleston, West Virginia

The State Personnel Board met on February 15, 2001 at 2:00 p.m. to conduct business and to consider other administrative matters. Present at the meeting were Chairman Roger Morgan, Board members Eugene Stump, Rev. Paul J. Gilmer, Sharon Lynch and Elizabeth Harter. Joe E. Smith, Acting Director, Division of Personnel, Assistant Directors Perry Dotson, Tim Basford, Tari McClintock Crouse, and Max Farley, and Alma M. Legg, Secretary to Board, attended the meeting.

The minutes of the January 18, 2001, meeting had been sent to the members of the Board prior to the meeting. Chairman Morgan asked for any additions or corrections. There being none, the January minutes were approved by unanimous consent.



Monongalia County Health Department

Upon motion of Ms. Harter, seconded by Rev. Gilmer, the State Personnel Board approved proposal #2100 as modified, designating the Monongalia County Health Department's Home Health Program and Hospice Program as two separate and distinct organizational units for reductions in force due to lack of work. This action to be effective no sooner than March 2, 2001. Perry Dotson, Assistant Director, Employee Information and Payroll Audit Section, addressed the Board on the proposal. Edward J. Phillips, Director of Administrative Services, Monongalia County Health Department attended the meeting.


Upon motion of Mr. Stump, seconded by Ms. Lynch, the State Personnel Board, in accordance with Section 17.1 of the Division of Personnel Administrative Rule, determined that Jack Heater's secondary employment as a realtor, as specifically restricted, would not conflict with his employment with the Gilmer County Health Department. Joe Smith, Acting Director of Personnel, presented the proposal.

Upon motion of Ms. Lynch, seconded by Rev. Gilmer, the State Personnel Board approved the establishment of pilot salary schedules for the general schedule, physician's salary schedule and the Division of Highways' hourly schedule. The pilot salary schedules will increase the pay range maximums by $2,268 per year, and are effective beginning March 1, 2001.

With no further business to discuss, Chairman Morgan entertained the motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.


The next State Personnel Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 15, 2001, at 2:00 p.m. in Building 6, Room B-425, State Capitol Complex, Charleston, West Virginia.

  Roger Morgan, Chairman 
State Personnel Board 

Alma M. Legg, Secretary 
State Personnel Board 

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