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The following instructions are provided to assist employees and supervisors in completing the Division of Personnel Position Description Form [download]. Please read the instructions carefully and refer to them as you complete the form. Please make a copy of the completed form for your records. NOTE: These instruction are intended for completing the revised Position Description form found on the DOP website. The form is significantly different than the previous form CS-579. If your purpose in completing the form is to determine if your position is correctly classified, you may want to refer to the website 'Appeal Procedure for Classification Actions - Frequently Asked Questions' for information on how to process a request to have your position reviewed for proper classification.

Part 1. General Information (Completed by Employee)

Items 1 - 12 Please be sure to fill out all the boxes.

    Items 1-3. Self-explanatory. Item 2: Enter the last 4 digits of the employee Social Security Number.

    Item 4. Please include the current DOP classification title assigned to the position, not what title you want or expect the position to be.

    Item 5. The 'working title' is the functional title used in-house for the position. (i.e. Receptionist, Evening Shift Supervisor, etc.)

    Items 6-12. Self-explanatory.

Part 2. Description of Duties Performed (Completed by Employee)

NOTE: Use your own words. Do not copy statements from the DOP class specification in completing this section.

    Item 13. This is a brief summary or the general purpose of the position. You might respond to this item as if answering the question "Why does this position exist?" Use no more than 2 or 3 sentences here.

    Item 14. This is one of the most important sections on the form. Take a few moments to think about your job. Mentally  identify each of the duties you perform on a regular basis. Most positions can be described using 6 to 10 duty statements. If there are more than10 then there is likely duplication or you may be listing parts of the same duty separately. Explain each duty clearly enough that anyone reading the form can visualize what you are doing.

    Describe each duty to include the following parts:

    Example: 'Interviews applicants to determine eligibility for economic assistance benefits.'
    Example: 'Receives and screens telephone calls on a multi-line console in order to assist customers and the general public.'

Be sure to include the amount of time (hours per week or percent of time) you spend on each duty. The final tally should be approximately 100% or the number of hours you are scheduled to work each week. You need not be so precise that this question unduly interferes with completion of the form. After all, a duty you perform 1% of the time will not change the classification. If you do not include an amount or percent of time, then the form will be returned to you for that information.

Part 3 - Supervisory Duties (Completed by Employee)

    Items 15 & 16.  Check yes or no depending on whether your position includes the supervision of three or more  subordinate employees. NOTE: Our classification plan has a specific meaning for supervision. Supervision  of others must be an assigned responsibility and the elements in Item 16.

    Item 17.  If you checked yes on Item 15 and various boxes for Item 16, then you must list the names and DOP titles of employees supervised. Otherwise the form will be returned to you for that information.

Part 4 - Major Accountabilities (Completed by Employee)

    Item 18.  This question is asked to determine if your position has responsibility for the accuracy and custody of funds,  monies or budgets for the agency. You should not indicate 'Yes' here if your work is simply a step in the agency  purchasing or accounting process where you do not make final decisions for spending, purchasing or other obligations.

    Item 19.  This question is asked to determine if your position has assigned responsibility for committing the agency to expend funds or a course of action where no additional review of the action is required.

    Item 20.  Consequence of Error. Think of the work products of your position and then what actually happens when or if  you make an error or fail to produce the required product or service. What effect does this error have on your  position, the unit or the agency?

    Item 21.  Written Communication/Composition. Please check or list those items for which you develop and write/dictate the ideas and information in the communication.

    Item 22.  Personal Contacts. As instructed, note the purpose of the contacts. Usually, very few positions in an agency have contacts higher than the second item on the list.

    Item 23.  NOTE: The form will be returned to the employee/agency if the required signatures are not included.

Part 5  (Completed by the Immediate Supervisor)

    Item 24.  The immediate supervisor should describe in his or her own words what the agency considers to be the primary  role of the position.

    Item 25.  Please carefully review the parts of the form completed by the employee. Part of your supervisory responsibility is to make sure position descriptions forms are accurate and complete. Make any corrections/ additions necessary to achieve that goal. Please note the item number you are referring to and then explain your addition or exception.

    Item 26.  This is one of the most important questions in the supervisor's section of the form. 'Additional duties' means items that have been added to the position that were not previously performed by the employee. It does not mean performing the same duties at a higher level of performance.

    Item 27.  This is an official representation on behalf of the agency that the information contained in the document is accurate and complete. Again, this is one of the responsibilities of all supervisors and managers in any agency.

Part 6 (Completed by the Appointing Authority)

Items 28 & 29. The appointing authority is that person with authority to make appointments to positions as a final hiring decision. If, as the appointing authority, you are unsure about any information contained in the document, then appropriate inquiry should be made of the employee and/or supervisor before signing the document.

Note: If the employee, supervisor or the appointing authority has any questions on how to complete the form, please contact the Classification & Compensation Section at 558 - 3950 extension 57203 or e-mail us. Our phone number and e-mail addresses are found in the 'Contact Us' section of the DOP/Class & Comp website.

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