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   Underwriting Questions


Q.  What types of accounts are eligible for coverage through the Board of Risk?

A.  The types of accounts eligible for coverage are:

The State of West Virginia and other Political Subdivisions, defined as any county commission, municipality and county board of education; any separate corporation or instrumentality established by one or more counties or municipalities, as permitted by law; any instrumentality supported in most part by municipalities; any public body charged by law with the performance of a government function and whose jurisdiction is coextensive with one or more counties, cities or towns; a combined city- county health department created pursuant to article two, chapter sixteen of the West Virginia Code as amended; public service districts; and other instrumentalities including, but not limited to, volunteer fire departments and emergency service organizations as recognized by an appropriate public body and authorized by law to perform a government function. In addition, any charitable or public service organization, meaning a bona fide, not for profit, tax-exempt, benevolent, educational, philanthropic, humane, patriotic, civic, religious, eleemosynary, incorporated or unincorporated association or organization or a rescue unit similar volunteer community service organization or association, but not including any nonprofit association or organization, whether incorporated or not, which is organized primarily for the purposes of influencing legislation or supporting or promoting the campaign of any candidate for public office.

Q.  Are any Classes of entities specifically ineligible?

A.  The following classes of entities and non-profit organization are ineligible:

1. Hospitals - except those owned and operated by political subdivisions already insured with the state program.

2. Airports and Airport Authorities

3. Churches and Religious Organizations

4. Fraternal Organizations (i.e. VFW, American Legion, Elks, Moose, Rotary, Lions Club etc.)

5. Country Clubs

6. Homeowners Associations

7. Lobbying Organizations

8. Political Organizations

9. Any "For Profit" Organizations

        Q.  What coverages are included in the liability insurance policies?

        A.  The following coverages are included the policies provided:

1. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

2. Personal Injury Liability Insurance

3. Professional Liability Insurance Including but not limited to medical professional.

4. Stop Gap Liability Insurance

5. Wrongful Acts Liability Insurance also known as Directors and Officers or Public Officials Liability Insurance

6. Comprehensive Auto Liability Insurance

7. Auto Physical Damage insurance, including comprehensive and collision and

8. Garage keepers Liability Insurance

        Q. What limits of liability are available.

        A. The limit of liability is $1,000,000 per occurrence. There are no other options available.

        Q.  Can these eligible risks purchase property or Fire insurance on their building and contents?

A.  Yes. However, we must write the insured’s liability insurance to be eligible for property insurance.

        Q.  How do I get coverage through the Board of Risk and Insurance Management?

A.  You must contact a licensed Resident West Virginia Property Casualty Insurance agent and tell them that you would like to obtain a quotation through the Board of Risk & Insurance Management. Most agents in the State are familiar with our procedures and can call us for assistance. The agent will complete the appropriate applications and submit them to our office.


This information is provided for the convenience of our insureds and other visitors to this site. Accuracy of the information is our goal, but such is not warranted. This information is not to be construed to extend or restrict coverage in any way. All coverages are provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policies issued to, and available for review, at the West Virginia Board of Risk and Insurance Management, 90 MacCorkle Avenue, SW, Suite 203, South Charleston, West Virginia 25303.


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