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Finance Questions


Q. Who do I talk to about my invoice?

A. The Underwriting Department handles premium calculation on your account. The Accounting Department handles collection of premium payments.

Q.  When are invoices sent/frequency of bills?

A.  BRIM bills on a quarterly basis. The invoices are sent approximately two months prior to the actual quarter start of the quarterly timeframe. The schedule is approximately:

Quarter 1 - May 1st for the July 1st Renewal billing

Quarter 2 - August 1st for the October quarter

Quarter 3 - November 1st for the January quarter

Quarter 4 - February 1st for the April quarter

Q.  Does BRIM operate on a calendar year?

A.  No. BRIM operates on a fiscal year basis with the year starting on July 1 and ending June 30.

Q. Can you have a billing address and a general correspondence address?

A.  No. Our computer software only allows BRIM to accept one address as a correspondence, billing, and mailing address. All information mailed from BRIM will be sent to the listed address.

Q. Can I pay my invoice on an annual basis?

A. Yes. BRIM’s fiscal year starts on July 1st. The quarterly billing should be sent prior to that date. When you receive that invoice, simply multiply the premium due by four and send in that amount. However, you can pay the remainder of your annual premium at any time throughout the fiscal year. If you are not sure of the amount contact the Accounting department.

Q.  When is my Agents Credit reflected on my invoice?

A. The Agent's credit is reflected on the fourth quarter invoice. The fourth quarter starts April 1st with the invoice being mailed out approximately February 1st.

Q.  Why do I receive an invoice with a different remittance address for the payment?

A. BRIM has contracted with the State of WV Treasury Department to collect our payments and process the checks. Any premium payments mailed back with the envelope enclosed with the invoice will be received by the Treasurer’s Office. If you mail your invoice back to the Board of Risk directly, then it is processed in house.


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