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Claim Questions


Q.  Does the Auto policy provide rental reimbursement coverage if I have to rent a car while mine is being repaired?

A.  No.

Q.  If I do have to rent a car, should I buy the collision coverage that is offered by the car rental company or is my car covered under my BRIM policy as a temporary substitute auto?

A.  As a general rule, if you anticipate using a rental car for 10 consecutive days or less, you should purchase the collision coverage offered by the rental company. If you anticipate keeping the car longer than 10 consecutive days, purchasing the rental company collision coverage is not necessary.

Q. Are mobile homes covered under the Mine Subsidence Insurance coverage?

A.  If the mobile home is set up with utility, water and sewer hook-ups connected and operational, we consider the home to be covered. If the home is sitting in storage or not hooked up as described, then there is probably no coverage.

Q.  Why can't I buy more than $75,000 worth of insurance for mine subsidence?

A.  This maximum amount is set by the WV State Legislature.

Q.  My child fell on the playground at school and broke his arm. The insurance company for the school said they would not pay the medical bills. Why?

A.  The insurance that county school boards have through BRIM is liability coverage. Liability insurance is not automatic health coverage and therefore does not automatically pay for medical expenses incurred. Only if there is a determination that the school was negligent in some fashion will the liability insurance pay any expenses. Most schools offer a low cost special insurance at the beginning of the school year that can be purchased by parents to cover this type of accident.

Q.  If I have a loss to my insured building, such a s a water damage claim, or a storm damage claim, do I have to wait for the adjuster to come before I start any repairs?

A.  You should immediately, of course, call your agent, or BRIM, to report the loss. If the loss occurs after hours, on a weekend, or during a holiday break, you should take the steps necessary to try to prevent further damage from occurring. If you have call in a plumber or get a roofer to make temporary emergency repairs, for instance, go ahead and do so. Keep receipts for any emergency repair expenditures you have to make. Try to not throw away any damaged items until the adjuster can see them. If you have a camera available, it never hurts to take a few pictures. But remember, your common sense shouldn't fly away just because your roof might have.


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